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147 Million Minus One

We're feeling so burdened for the orphan.  We prayed for them as a family this evening and prayed for the child that God is preparing for our family through adoption.  No, we don't have any new news.  In fact, all we hear is that the wait is really, really long.  Like 90 families long (with only 10 adoptions finalized last year) and very, very few children under two years of age.  God's timing is perfect and we continue to wait and hope.

I was looking through an adoption ministry for children with special needs that are longing for a forever home and my heart just broke for them.  God please answer their prayers for a family!

Have you ever wondered how you can help?  I sure do.  I pray for orphans a lot, but sometimes I want to do something more... tangible.

Well, you and I have the opportunity to help families who are raising funds necessary to adopt a child with special needs, like little Albina, or little Sarah who's just the same age as Timmy but has never known …

One of the Finalists!!!

Hi Friends,  thank you so much for commenting in the missionary blog contest!.  Although we did not win the kindle (a missionary from Ukraine won), we are so happy to know that you are reading and feel so blessed to have your loving support.

Well, would you like another chance to help us win??  We just found out we were chosen as one of 11 finalists for the Mocha Dad Father's Day photo contest

Would you go there and vote for our photo.  You can vote once/day until June 2.  It's this one:

Isn't that sweet?  Timmy continues to be the joy of Norb's life. 

The winning photo will receive an external hard drive (perfect for a Father's day present, don't ya think?)

Peanut Harvest is Finished

Peanut harvest is over!  We've just finished drying and bagging the peanuts for storage (until our nut sheller arrives).

Tears of Sorrow and Rejoicing

In the midst of a jam packed weekend with the Explorer's campout, hosting a group of Volleyball players from Florida, speaking at a women's breakfast and preparing to teach children's church at night, the unexpected happened.

We got a call.  It was another one of those dreaded calls.  The family that asked us for help two weeks ago with the birth of their teenage daughter's baby named Abagail called again to tell us that the baby had died.

I had so much to do, but I knew I needed to ask God for strength and drop everything and go to be with the family.

I got there and saw their 18 year old daughter, still recuperating after her emergency c-section two weeks before.  It seems like just yesterday we helped sponsor her quinceaƱos party.  She was sitting outside staring at the wind.  She looked too young and innocent to have just lost a child.

I went to her and touched her shoulder.  She grabbed me and started to heave as she clung to me.  "Why, why, why did I lose my…

Do you Like to Win Stuff?

We do too!

So, if you help us we'll help you win a prize too.  Let's explain...Remember last year how we were really trying to feed our addiction to books hankering to win a kindle in the missionary blog contest? Well, some dude from Togo, Africa won it.

This year, Missionary-Blogs is hosting the contest again and we thinks that the prize needs to go to some folks in Paraguay (wink, wink).

Here's why we think we should win the kindle:

1.  shipping books to Paraguay is super expensive and takes months.
2.  we don't have any more room on the bookshelves
3.  we want to help save the planet and trees
4.  we want to actually have a gadget that came out later than the 90s. (yes we still use a VCR and analog tv)

Here’s what you need to do to help us win:
Leave a comment on a missionary blogger’s blog (ahem, that would be Passion for Paraguay).  The comment must be relevant… not just Hi I love your blog.  Comment on what the post is about.  Also, you must comment on a blog t…

Mother's Day

This Sunday (May 15) is Mother's Day in Paraguay!  Since it is also the bicentennial celebration, we've been in constant activites.  Last Saturday at church I was able to speak about honoring our mothers (Exodus 20:12).  T  On Monday our small group had a Mother's Day celebration.  The men made us steak BBQ!!
On Tuesday Timmy's kindergarten sang Mother's Day songs for the local "Club de Abuelas" (Grandmother's Club).

In school Timmy drew a picture of his mama.  He knows me well; my favorite color is blue and this tropical climate does weird things with my hair!
Today was Timmy's fiesta at school.  They sang beautiful songs in German and Spanish for the moms. 
They served us appetizers and made us a book of their art.  What a special week.
I am so blessed to be  a mother!

Praying for Run for the Son

Tomorrow is the annual CMA Run for the Son fundraiser to send motorcycles and bikes all over the world.  Last year we received 10 motorcycles that were distributed to pastors/evangelists all over Paraguay.

Asuncion G. has planted two more churches since he received his motorcycle last year!
Here's a letter we recently received from pastor Justo D.:

April 8, 2011 Bella Vista, Itapua Greetings in Jesus’ name.  I am so thankful for my motorcycle, KH 200 BR.  It has been used for evangelism and various meetings.  Also, we are using it for our services on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday that I drive to 10 km each way.  The motorcycle has been such a blessing.  It’s my work companion and my ministry partner.  With her, I’ve been able to win souls for the Lord and encourage the saints.
Only God can repay you.  I care for my motorcycle like a baby and I am the only one who drives it.  Brothers, I want you to know that we are praying for you. 
Blessings to you dear biker brothers,

Choosing Not to Help

We were in bed when we heard the clap at the gate.  This has happened before and it's never good.  We've experienced nights when someone clapped after dark to tell of an accident, domestic violence, and even a suicide.  So, last night when the clap came late, we peeked out the window and saw who it was.

That's when we made the decision.

It was the family who we've helped many times.  Their teenage daughter got pregnant and was due this week.  They were hoping that she wouldn't need a C-section, because the local health center charges for the surgery.  We've been telling them for the past seven months that they need to save for the unexpected and prepare for the birth.

A pregnancy is not an emergency crisis.  It is a planned expense.  

So, when the clap came late it was because they needed money for her C-section. 

It wasn't easy to ignore the claps and the cell phone calls, but there are times when we have to choose not to help, for our good and for thei…

Paraguay's Bicentennial

Paraguay celebrates 200 years as an independent nation on May 14-15!  We were honored to participate in the opening bicentennial activities this Saturday in the Jesus ruins, just a few minutes from our house! 
The National Symphonic Orchestra held a spectacular concert with the nation's best voices (Jorge Castro, the Lopez Simon trio, Emilia Recalde) and two pieces even included a ballerina!  We were all given flags and during the concert several patriotic songs told of Paraguay's struggle to survive and thrive. 
One song "Himno de la Bandera" told of the colors of the flag...the red is for justice, white is for peace, and blue is for liberty. There was a firework display like we've never witnessed here.  We couldn't figure out why there were so many armed guards, until it was announced that Paraguay's President, Fernando Lugo was present and was seated just a few rows ahead of us.  I got a blurry picture of him.
Since we live six hours from the capital…