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When Hearts Unite

This weekend was our Children of Promise reunion.  Several sponsors are here on a work camp and their sponsored child made the long trek north to spend time together.

There is nothing more special than sponsors being able to meet or reunite with their sponsor child.  Mike has three sponsor boys: Oscar, Alex and Diego.  He writes them and encourages them in their studies and in their walk with the Lord.  None of these boys have a father and Mike's love and affection means more to them than anything.
Our plan once we arrived in Katuete was to spend the afternoon at a beautiful park with pools and waterfalls, but because of a heavy rain right when we arrived, the dirt roads were impassable and we had to change plans.  In fact, one of our vans got stuck and the sponsors had to get out and push!
We had an excellent BBQ at a church member's farm.  He pulled out all the stops and slaughtered a lamb for us.  We barely made it there because of the very muddy roads, be we had a memorable…

Group has Arrived Safely

Just wanted to let you know that our wonderful work campers arrived safely yesterday. After a three hour bus ride to Katuete we checked into their hotel rooms, had a nice dinner and even nicer shower and they headed to bed.  Today they started bright and early on the site.  The block walls are up, but have to be plastered.  They were all put to good use on the job.  Tomorrow is the Children of Promise party for all the families that sponsor a child in Paraguay! 

Sorry, no pictures today because I'm south getting ready to pick up the kids and the camera is north!  We'll try to get lots of shots of the party tomorrow.Thanks so much for your prayers!

One Group, Two Projects

Right now there are two simultaneous work projects going on with our great friends from First Church.  The biggest project is the sanctuary construction in Katuete in Canindeyu.  This is how it looked on day one: On day two, they already had the trusses up and half the south and west wall. 
This is the school project in Itapaso, Itapua, seven hours south of the Katuete project.  They are working on building the two upper classrooms so that the school can begin next month for the kindergarten class.  
Thanks for your prayers for the safety of the seventy-some people that are on site and for our strength as we translate and help out wherever needed.

We Reached the Goal!

There is NO WAY on earth this could have been done without you. Thank you friends for your help with the Matching Grant Challenge for the ICCI Leadership Institute!  We received word that we arrived  $10,041on December 30.  Any gift that came in Dec 31 or after has not yet counted toward our total goal.  We will keep you posted as we hear more information on the final total.

We are jumping up and down and are so thankful for your prayers and participation to help us reach this HUGE landmark!

Paraguay's Cement Crisis

Paraguay is facing its severest cement crisis in history.  This comes at the worst time possible for us.  We are on the brink of building a church with a work camp and the prices of cement have more than doubled.  Cement is extremely difficult to come by and we will need more than 500 bags.

Lugo, the president of the Republic, blames the shortage on distributors.  Of course, he'll defend the nationally held cement company (INC).  The real problem is that INC is only producing 56,000-60,000 bags a day and the nation's demand requires 90,000.  This shortage drives the price of cement sky high.  We bought cement for $4.00 a bag just three years ago.  Now, we're paying between $14-18 a bag.  Since the soy crops are doing very well, more people will be constructing in the next year and the demand will continue increasing. 

The church building needs to go up between January 24- February 9. Local leadership is waiting and praying that the price will go down in the next few days. …

The Latest at our Ranch

2011 is off to a running start in our home.  Here's a glimpse of what's been going on:

We rang in the new year by visiting our dear friend in the hospital, Susana, who's husband almost beat her to death with a crow bar.  She had several gashes to her head which required many stitches, was battered and terribly bruised on her chest and back, but thank God no permanent damage was done to her brain. Domestic violence is a huge problem here in Paraguay.  Three years ago at this very time of the year we housed a battered woman who needed a safe place to sleep.  Please pray with us for peace in Paraguayan homes.

We made a trek to Katuete this week to bring supplies to the work site where we will be translating for a work team. Who needs a truck when you've got a white fish (Timmy's nickname for our car).

First Church will build a church in two weeks later in the month!  Here's the "before" shot of the church building.  We'll keep you updated on the progr…

CMA on the Move Part 2

As we mentioned a few months ago, this has been a record year for us!  We have been able to give away TEN motorcycles to different pastors/evangelists serving in Paraguay.  Here we highlighted the first five ministries.  Now, here are the rest of the 2010 motorcycles recipients:

 Pastor Asuncion serving in General Delgado and surrounding towns, two hours southwest.
 Pastor Carlos serving in Hohenau, the next town over.

 Pastor Pedro in Ita.  His motorcycle was stolen last year so he received a new one this year.
 Bi-vocational minister Mario in Jesus, twenty minutes west.

Chaplain Abdo ministering in Guaira, eight hours north.  (Sorry, this picture is absolutely horrible.)

Thanks again to CMA for the incredible gift you have given each of these pastors!  You have given them wheels to move the Gospel forward and we are so grateful.

Top Posts of 2010

Welcome to 2011!!!  
In case you missed out, here are the top five most read posts in descending order on Passion for Paraguay during 2010.  

5. Terere-More than Just a Drink-  Here we talk about the importance of the cold version of mate tea as an essential cultural element. 

4.  How to Use a Washboard Sink-  This is a how-to video I made for a children's Bible school program.  I never thought it would become so popular!  This is one of those many things I'd never thought I'd do on the mission field! 

3.My God Delivered Me-  This tells the story of the assault that occurred at our house on October 23.  I've been able to share with countless people about God's faithfulness in protecting me and our son during a very scary attack.  Since then, we've put bars on our windows and heightened security, thanks to help from our friends.

2.  Christmas in Paraguay-  These are a  few of the traditions that Paraguayans hold dear during the holiday season including a few …