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We are Grafted In

We are currently preaching a series on the "I Am" statements of Jesus.  This weekend I'll be talking about "I am the True Vine."

John 15 is one of my all-time favorite Bible passages.  I love grapes and I can just visualize a bountiful grape vine just bent over with the weight of huge, luscious grapes.  My mouth is watering for those juicy morsels right now!
What is more difficult to grasp is the idea of pruning the grape branches.  Yet, if you know anything about gardening, you know that in the winter time pruning has to be done in order for an abundant crop come harvest time. 
The most powerful image I think this passage portrays is the concept of a young branch being grafted into its source.  Jesus took lifeless branches and grafted us in as His children so we could produce fruit in abundance.  We have absolutely no life outside of Him and can do nothing when we're separated from Him.  I believe remaining in Christ means being tied so tightly to Him, that …

Travels and Setbacks

This weekend we traveled to Asuncion to obtain Anahi's new birth certificate.  Our hope was to start the passport process with her birth certificate, but nothing went according to plan.

We were told there was an error with the adoption resolution.  Because ONE word was written wrong, we have to go back to the judge in Encarnacion and have a new resolution issued.  We were so discouraged and frustrated about this mistake. 

Now, we have to travel again to Asuncion this week and try to resolve this issue, before we travel in about six weeks.  Please pray that we can get this resolved and get Anahi's passport (it usually takes a month to process passports) and get her visa all in time for our May 14 flight.

To top it off, it rained like cats and dogs.  When it's like this, we have to roll up our pants to our knees and take off our socks and shoes to cross the street.  This is what the streets in Asuncion is like when it rains:

At least the kids were such troopers on the lo…


The sunset last night was breathtaking.  We've been so busy lately I haven't taken too many moments to just stop and soak in God's goodness.

We've been running a race.

welcoming students,
hosting pastors,
leading meetings,
finishing taxes,
traveling to Asuncion (twice) to get Esther Anahi's documents done (they aren't done yet)
forming the itinerary for our furlough (in just seven weeks!!),
sewing ripped school uniforms,
cooking for crowds
fighting a colony of bats in our house (over 50 of 'em buggers)
spiffing up our car to sell

the list just doesn't stop.


It's time to relax a little more around here and soak in the sunsets and the beauty God has painted around us. We accept all prayers during this more hectic than usual time and appreciate your patience for lack of updates.  We appreciate you!

Paraguay Makes the Amazing Race!

Hopefully you're not like us, folk who have never seen an episode of the reality TV show The Amazing Race.  That is, until this week.

In the 20th edition of the series, they finally made it to the heart of South America!  Teams had to compete in activities that would be culturally appropriate for Paraguay.  For example, they had to balance a glass bottle on their head while doing a dance routine, string a harp and stack a pyramid of watermelons like they do at the large outdoor food market in Asuncion. 

We're so glad that this show gives people a small glimpse at the beautiful culture and people of Paraguay.  The competition is intense as well and the ending is surprising (no spoilers here, ya just gotta see for yourself).

Now we can't stop watching!  Personally, we're rooting for the Kentucky boys....

What about you, who's your fave team?? Would you ever apply to compete in the show?? 
We thinks it would be a blast.

Motorcycles Serve Indigenous Pastors all over Paraguay

This past year we were able to help six ministries with 8 motorcycles (or trikes)!

 Enrique in Bella Vista  German in Carlos Antonio Lopez  Motorcycle for Cerro Moroti

 Marcio in Caaguazu
 First impression of Marcio's new motorcycle- pure joy!  Indigenous people near Carayaó.  Marcio rides on rough dirt roads to visit the tribes.  Pastor Mario in Jesus  Feeding center and children's ministry in Botanical Gardens in Asuncion Bible translation project to the Aché people.
Here are a few of the thank you letters that show how God is using these bikes:
CMA motorcycles for Paraguay
From Letra Bible translation

CMA donates motorcycles to Paraguay 2

From Alma ministry in Caaguazu
We are delighted to be the bridge for these deserving ministries to receive a more effective means to reach Paraguay with the love of Jesus Christ.  Please pray for their safety on the road and for grace as they spread the message of hope each and every day. 
Thank you once again to the incredible sacrifice and sweat of …

Why Timmy's Not Getting an IPad Anytime Soon

This morning I read this article entitled, "Why You Should Not Buy Your Child an IPad" and the author mentioned that it's more productive to have a child go outside and play basketball or build a fort.  Although the author of the articple mentioned that the IPad has e-book and read-aloud capabiltities, he's never seen a child reading an e-book while using it.  The cool apps just "suck a child in" and affect a child's desire to go out and make friends and be active. 

Why am I mentioning this, as I'm a missionary writing about events in Paraguay?

Because it affects me.  Yesterday, while eating with some dear friends at their home in the capital, we were introduced to their new daughter-in-law.  She's smart, beautiful, in her mid-twenties and she couldn't look us in the eyes because they were glued to her smartphone.  I couldn't believe how addicted she was to hearing the "beep" of a new text message.  She couldn't even carry…