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A Family Year

If I had to sum up this year, I would say it was a family-blending year and the beginning of new adventures as a family and in ministry. The five of us have bonded and learned to love each other in spite of our differences. Besides focusing on family, we have also been involved in various ministries. I seem to enjoy and treasure every moment with more intensity.

Ministry highlights:
·Preaching at various churches and filling empty pulpits. ·Hosting family, friends and teams from various locations.  ·Helping organize the 40th anniversary of the Church of God in Paraguay. ·Teaching an Exegesis course at Posadas Bible Institute. ·Assisting Radio Alternativa with special projects. ·Writing a book telling the story of Radio Alternativa (soon to be released).
Family highlights: ·Norberto and Nancy were married on March 3rd. ·Nancy began a three-year bachelor's degree in Christian ministries. ·Norberto finished a one-year specialization in higher education. ·Mark successfully finished the 10th gra…