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Horses and Soccer

Nicole loves horses. Ever since I came into her life she asked me to get a horse or to take her to a place where she can ride. One of our friends at South Meridian Church of God, offered Nicole to come out to his horse barn and work for an hour in exchange of riding for an hour. Ever since that day, a few weeks ago, Nicole has been working and riding horses in the afternoons. God answered her prayer beyond her wildest dreams.

Mark on the other hand, was eager to get out of our apartment and play soccer. Again, a friend of Anderson University invited me and Mark to come out and play twice a week. So, Mark gets to play and have some guy time with people his age. I cant quite keep up with them, but I love to see Mark making friends, learning English and experiencing the culture of soccer in the US.

My kids are learning English, We have been in Anderson about a month. We will be here another month. I am excited about Mark and Nicole's time in the US. It has been a growing and culturra…