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Keeping the Passion Hot

This weekend was the closing ceremony for the Fire Proof Love Dare (Prueba de Fuego) study that has been going on for the past seven weeks in our church.  They asked us to share with all the couples (five of the six are not from our church) a message about commitment in marriage. We mentioned the importance of forgiveness and viewing marriage as a covenant, not a contract as a few of the most important components to an enduring relationship.

After we spoke, the couples were given an opportunity to renew their vows publicly.  Some couples even bought rings to symbolize this new stage. As couples recommitted to each other, some got very emotional.  One couple is trying to survive marital infidelity, another couple is facing the challenges of the empty nest and a few more the stress of having very young children to attend.  We celebrate with them this new chapter and pray God's blessings and strength on them.

After the ceremony, we had a lovely dinner (tables for two) with a romantic…

Check-Up Time!

We have been with the wonderful people of Children of Promise this week as they check on all the kiddos in the program.  This year, they brought Dr. Bob, who gave a health check-up to every child (and a few more) being served by the ministry.  He discovered the severe state of oral hygiene among the Paraguayan children.  The great majority have cavities and since cavities in Paraguay are not filled, dentists just typically pull teeth.  So, there is a great need for dental work.  He also mentioned how important it is that we are providing fluoride for the children, since it is not present in our water.  Since he also specializes in tropical diseases, he is giving us information on the best deworming meds to administer on the kids.

Sandra, the new director, is doing such a great job with the children (now 80 are in the program)!   Sandra's goal is to continue growing.  We are grateful for all the sponsors, for the staff at Children of Promise and for the love that you show to the bea…

Sometimes You Just Have to Get Away

This past weekend I (Julie) went to a retreat for missionary women, called Women of the Harvest.  The retreat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I'm so grateful that I was able to participate.   We were spoken to as real women without any expectations or pressures put upon us.  We were pampered with sweet gifts (like chocolate chips, candy and maple extract) and we were able to share in small groups (this was my wonderful group) about the issues we face and receive encouragement and prayer.  We worshiped in English and heard powerful reminders that who we are in Christ is not determined by our roles or relationships.  Each day we were allowed to choose different pampering sessions.  I got a pedicure to get all the red dirt off my feet.  I told them these are probably the dirtiest feet they've ever worked on.  They said they've seen everything, but she was scrubbing my toes for an entire hour!!!

I got a hair cut and makeover done and saw what I looked like with makeup o…

For the First Time...

For the first time ever COICOM is being held in Paraguay!  I love how this little nation is finally coming onto the radar!
What is COICOM?  It stands for La Confederacion Iberomericana de Comunicadores, Pastores, Lideres y Medios Masivos Cristianos.  (The Iberamerican Confederation of Communicators, Pastors, Leaders and Christian Mass Media.   It began in 1992. 

It is a movement which serves to train, motivate and mobilize the Church for the evangelism of Hispanics across the globe.  Think of it as a Catalyst conference in Spanish. Every year, the best Latin American leaders are present as speakers in the sessions and services until Saturday night.  This year singer Steve Green, who was raised in South America, is closing out the program with a special concert.

Norberto is at the opening session right now with four youth from the radio and ICCI!  Stay tuned for more on this big event.

The Beauty of Harvest

Sometimes life gets so crazy that we have little time to talk in adult language.  So, almost every day sometime before dusk (about 30 minutes before classes begin) we stroll through the wheat fields and let the boy and the dogs prance like dear in the wheat while we push the stroller, wax philosophic all while drinking our yerba mate tea.  This is what keeps me sane some days.   
This is the picture we took from our window this week.  I will miss the golden wheat fields that greet me every morning, but there is something so beautiful in watching the harvest.  It's the same joy I get when I see that one of my orchids finally has a bloom and the anticipation of waiting for it to open.  It's the growth process that builds my excitement in both cases.  We've been watching the wheat grow for months and the harvest represents that the time is come for the wheat to be used.  The harvest is a celebration of hard work and of the time that is needed for growth.

It's like the j…

Just Like Him...

Timmy came out of our room with his "papi's" commander shirt on.  He asked if he could put on his hat and belt too.  We started to laugh at him giving orders like Norberto does every Saturday in the Explorer's Club.  Then Timmy said,

"I want to be a Commander when I grow up, just like Papi."

Timmy loves his dad and he copies everything he does.

He walks like him.
Talks like him.
He eats the same foods (especially too much dulce de leche on his bread)
He wants to help him with every project.
He even pees outside on the trees, just like dad. (I'm not saying I like it though).

and he told us just yesterday that he was Papi's best son and he showed me his little thumb that matches His Papi's unique thumb.  Yes, Timmy.  You are your Papi's best son.

So, Timmy made me think....

"I wonder how I'm doing at copying everything my heavenly "Papi" does?" 

Do I walk like He does?
Do I talk like He does?
Do I want to serve others l…

Results are In...

We shared here about the surprising news that our daughter may have Down Syndrome.  Well, we got a call back this week saying the results are negative!  Thanks so much for your prayers; we are thrilled with this news.

Stay tuned as we will share more about what's happening in our ministry in the next few days.