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CMA is gaining traction in Paraguay

CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) is experiencing a new season of growth in Paraguay. Little did we imagine, back in 2006, what we see today. After that initial meeting with John Ogden and Hiram Villa senor and a decade later with ups and downs, CMA is gaining traction;

One of those men in that meeting back in 2006 was Roland, today our national leader. Others have caught the vision and are wearing the patches with honor representing this ministry and the vision, of reaching one biker at the time.

During our second national rally this past weekend, I have sensed again, the passion that drives bikers with a purpose. The DNA of CMA is running through the veins of Paraguayan members. These new members are on fire, riding the Paraguayan roads with a sense of purpose and direction.

We are now present in four states with membership nearing 100. During this rally, members of the national office in the US where present giving out patch…