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Highway Six, empty during soccer game

When Paraguay is playing soccer against another country, everyone seems to make time to watch the game. Such was the case this past Saturday evening. I chose to go on a jog to take advantage of the empty roads and enjoy some quietness.

Paraguay played against Brazil in game that is part of the Copa America 2015. After a 1-1 tie in regular time, the game was decided on penalty kicks.

I was amazed again, how soccer brings everyone to a halt this weekend. Brazil is a big rival, one that's hard to beat. So imagine the celebration after the game.

Our major interstate highway 6 stood practically empty during the 90 minutes of game. There are two games left in this cup. If Paraguay wins, it will be the champion of this Latin American cup. Paraguay so far won two cups, 1953, 1979, out of the 44 played.

My new Family

Since March 3, I am married to a wonderful, beautiful, godly woman who turned my world around. And, in addition to continuing to love and enjoy my little Anahi, who will turn 5 in September, I am now the proud dad of two adolescents, Mark and Nicole.

Mark turned 15 on March 14. He is becoming a young man. He loves to play his guitar and drums. Mark went through a lot when his dad tragically passed away after an accident at their farm when he was just 11.  He has a sensitive heart to God. He is gradually embracing me and making room in his life for his new dad.

Nicole is 11 and is in the 6th grade. She plays the harp very well. She loves to play with her cat, and in her spare time, she creates beautiful bracelets that she sells for a small fee. Nicole is very sweet and bright. She is very curious and loves her sister Anahi. I love getting her hugs and kisses as I come home from work or put her down to sleep.

Anahi is the little girl that God placed in our lives back in 2011. She has been …