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Bold Prayers honor God, and God honors Bold prayers.

One of my first friends when my parents moved as missionaries to Paraguay was Donald Franz. He was a kid who grew up in a Christian family. His father wanted him to become a business man, but God had other plans. Let me share a little about him. I am seeing again how God can take a young kid, or any christian for that matter and answer crazy prayers.

At age 18th Donald felt called into ministry after reading Billy Graham autobiography. From that moment he said: I want to reach as many people as I possible can for Christ.  He went to bible seminary, graduated and soon after began a house church in his living room back in 2002.

FAST FORWARD 15 years from that moment

God has blessed him with a wonderful wife and 4 beautiful children who love the Lord.
He has been involved in five church plants, a christian TV station two christian schools

Today he is leading two churches each of  approximately 1000 + very active members.
On Saturday night he preaches in his church in Posadas Argentina, …