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We Arrived with Everything Intact...Barely

Just wanted to let you know we are back in Paraguay after our two day journey. We did have an adventure or two, though. Of course, with us...there always seems to be adventure in the air!

On Wed. we were waiting in the bus terminal in Buenos Aires and while I was taking a walk with Timmy, Norb sat on top of our luggage reading a book in a corner. A guy walked past him and dropped his wallet and walked on. Another man asked if the wallet was Norb's and he responded that it was not. The man suggested that it belonged to another man that was walking up the stairs and that Norb may want to return it to him. Norb was hesitant to do so, but the other man offered to watch our luggage while Norb returned the wallet to the stranger. Norb quickly ran up the stairs to do a kind deed and by the time he was at the top, the luggage watcher had ran off with our laptop. Norb panicked and asked bystanders which way the thief went. They responded that he went left, when in reality he had gone right.…