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Seems like all we can do these days is say "Gracias Dios."  
Gracias.... for His unconditional love and grace and protection. Gracias....for family that sticks together. Gracias...for friends who care.
We are so thankful for each and every one of you our supporters, who make our efforts possible here.
Our family counts each one of you that has prayed, encouraged, given, journeyed alongside, and loved a blessing and gift from God.   GRACIAS!
We want to wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.  (Eat some yummy turkey for us, kay.) 
We love you,
Norberto, Julie and Timmy

Gratitude and Guilt for Having Hot Water

This month, our eighth anniversary here in Paraguay, we finally got hot water! 

I can finally wash white clothes without having to boil them.
I can wash greasy dishes and get them clean the first time.
I can take a shower that lasts for more than 30 seconds (our widow-maker electric shower device only got the water warm) and I had to heat up four kettles of water every night for our son's bath. 

We are all SO thankful that we now have hot water.

Now, why is it that I feel so guilty for having this luxury, when none of my neighbors do??  I'm struggling today between gratefulness and being undeservingly privileged.

This is my struggle many, many days.

Announcing a Matching Grant Challenge!

This past week we received some very encouraging news.  Some friends of Paraguay are willing to match any gift given to the Leadership Training School up to $5,000 that is given before December 31st.

This is HUGE, friends.

That means that when you donate now, (Please preference your gift for Paraguay Bible School) a contribution of equal value comes from an anonymous source and effectively doubles the impact of your giving. If you give $100, it's matched by another $100 and the ministry receives a total of $200.

If you are considering a donation to help start this school to train up future Paraguayan Christian leaders, please don't think too hard!  We need your gift!  The reality of the approaching starting date (March 2011) is looming above our heads.  While we are not yet fretting about the lack of funds, we need more people to come on board with the vision to transform the next generation of Paraguayans with the love of Jesus.  We have our list of needs that the funds wi…

Paraguayan Elections

Countrywide, yesterday was Paraguay's municipal election.  As foreigners residing in Paraguay, we are able to vote for mayor and city officials.  We took that privilege to the voter booths.  Booths were open from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. We went early to a Catholic high school a few blocks from us and were sent to the very last voting table (exclusively for foreigners) where there were no lines or waiting. We took two ballots to the private booth and deposited them in the clear bags in front of the table.

Then we had to dip our index finger in ink to ensure that we don't vote again!  Thankfully, the elections were peaceable this year.

We are praying that the new political leaders will fear God, will extinguish corruption and make wise decisions that will benefit the people of Paraguay.

Today is Orphan Sunday!

There are over 2500 orphans in Paraguay (I believe the numbers are much higher) and over 147 million children without parents in the world.  We are currently in the process of adopting a Paraguayan orphan and yesterday marked our year anniversary of waiting for that precious child to be a part of our family forever.

Today is Orphan Sunday.  

Orphan Sunday stands as a day specifically set apart to bring attention to God’s call for us to stand for the orphan. We are a people called to defend the fatherless, to care for the child who has no family, to visit orphans in their distress. Orphan Sunday is our opportunity as preadoptive families, adoptive families, and those who have hearts for children around the world to rouse the Church, our communities, and friends to God’s call to care for the orphan. It’s an opportunity for the Body to demonstrate what we are for instead of simply what we are against. What we are for is what God’s heart is for–and God’s heart is for the orphan b…

Reunited and It Feels So Good

We're getting back to normal after recent events in our home.  We're sure thankful for all your prayers and we took extra time this week to really savor our family.. Together again and celebrating the simple things in life...

Timmy wrestles every night with his Papi. When they aren't wresting, they're creating something interesting.  Here they made a new lego invention...

Sandy wants to see too! 

 One of six lab puppies, isn't he adorable?  We'll be so sad to see them go!

Tomorrow we're continuing our recruiting schedule in the city of Naranjal.  Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the simple things too!

Whom Shall I Fear?

I've been reflecting this week on the recent robbery I faced and I wanted to share a few more interesting details:
I didn't have my cell phone with me when I went to bed the night before the attack.  My phone was charging in the kitchen, but I got a late night call from a friend and brought my phone to my nightstand, just close enough to reach when I was bound and gagged.
My sister-in-law had her cell phone on silence when I made the phone call to her at 6:25 a.m.  However, at 6:22 she had to go to the restroom and when she came back to her bed she saw the flashing light on her cell phone with a new message.
I was extremely calm and at peace during the entire ordeal.Our little guy remained asleep during shouting and more yelling (I'm still hoarse) and the dog barking and the crashing of get the idea.  He still has no clue that a bad man was a few feet from him and did him no harm. He sensed something happened since we didn't sleep at home at night, but I just…