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Four years ago today

I dont want to dwell in the past, but today I did for a moment. I know I am not alone in this journey, as many others have experienced loses in different degrees. I could go on about the pain, the valley, the uncertainties, the questions, the whys, but I want to highlight the good that is coming from these last years.

I had Timothy for almost seven years, six years, seven months and three days. I felt cheated when he was taken, but then I realized, I had a child to love and care for almost seven years. He was healthy, hardly ever had to see a doctor.  It is so true that people will come into our lives, some to stay for a very long time, others to fade away or suddenly dissaepear. Today, I look at people as a gift to me for a season, hopefully a long one.

I had Julie for fifteen years. We dated three years and were married almost twelve. I learned about loving unconditionally. We did not always agree, but we learned to love in spite of our temperaments and styles. Julie was on a debati…

We moved to Encarnacion, our state capital

Many things have changed for Nancy and I over this past year. After we got married in March of 2015, I moved into Nancys community (20 miles from my place in Obligado by Radio Alternativa). Nancys has a confortable, mid size home in a small town called Capitan Miranda. We both felt, this would be good for everyone for this first year as a new family.

Since our kids go to school in Encarnacion, about 10 miles away and all their friends and activities are in that city, we decided to rent an apartment and move our family closer to our home church and school. Our two lane road connecting Encarnacion and Miranda is usually very packed and busy, and at times dangerous to drive. 
Nancys pregnancy is moving along well. The due date for the arrival of the little one is June 6th. Moving closer will spare both of us driving time. Plus, the kids are a now within walking distance from the school. Personally, I am involved with ministry in various places of our state and country. This change will n…