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Anahi's First Birthday

We just got back from Asuncion where we had a birthday party/farewell/thank you party for Anahi's foster family and all the friends and neighbors that poured out love on our little girl during her first year.  They have been so gracious and loving to us.  They hosted me for three days while we were visiting Anahi and wouldn't let me pay for any expenses. They set up the entire birthday party and it was was far beyond what we could have imagined!  They even bought her a fancy birthday dress and shoes.  Wow, what an example of loving kindness!  We pray God's richest blessings on this precious family and we hope to maintain periodic contact with them.

Here we are with the loving foster family that doted on Anahi for nine months.  She was with two other families for her first three months.
  They contracted a moon walk for the party for the bigger kids.  We filled a balloon pinata with candy and trinkets and all the kids were underneath waiting for the goodies to rain down!

One Week Ago

One week ago this evening we brought our little girl home!  We're all adjusting to life as a family of four...well more when you include the pets.  We're not yet sleeping through the night and we've had a few midnight vomit spells and many prayers for understanding, but we're taking it all in stride and are so blessed with our little princess. Here are a few pics of our first few days with Anahi. 
The animals are absolutely amused with the baby!   Hiking down to the pond with the pup in the corner and a terere tea in hand (of course).

Playing ball with big brother.

 One of our daily walks through the wheat fields.

 Snack time!

 Tuckered out after a long day of play. 

Meeting "Abuela" Tabita for the first time.  Mom Kurrle went with us to pick up Anahi from Asuncion and it was love at first sight. 

We look forward to introducing her to more of our loved ones in the next few weeks (even via skype) and we continue to extend our gratitude for your prayers as we tran…

Life Has Changed!

Sorry we haven't written for a few days.  On our way to Asuncion on Friday we got a call that one of the social workers couldn't make it to the meeting and we'd have to sign all the papers on Monday.  So, that meant that we had to spend the weekend in the capital city again.  That was such a bummer since for us it seems like each day lasted an eternity to wait.  The good news is that we got to have Anahi the whole weekend!!
Here is a picture of us signing the documents with the lawyer and social workers from the adoption agency.  I will post pictures of our first week together soon.  Life as we know it has changed forever (more on that later, now I've gotta get some work done)!