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Scenes from Indiana

These folks are like family to us.Celebrating Norberto's birthday with a cookout and ice cream cake (a big favorite here) Preaching at the church of dear friends who are pastors in Kendallville, IN Speaking at the NAC 100th annual convention last night.We had a fantastic Children of Promise directors training. Here you see over 30 directors from all over the world.Our close friends, the Wagners after church at South Meridian During the week-long training, we had a few outings like visiting the Indy Children's Museum with all the directors.
Another fun outing with the directors and Timmy's first bowling experience. He scored a 35 (without bumpers!)

We've really enjoyed our time in Indiana. After the NAC conference ends, we'll be speaking at Church at the Crossing this weekend and will head up to Michigan right after the service.

Fun Family Day

We just got home from a memorable day with Thomas the Train. We've been looking forward to this special event for a long, long time (we started planning this from Paraguay). It was a total surprise for Timmy, so he only found out on the way to Connersville, that we were going to ride a real train and partake of all the fun activities involved in the Day out with Thomas events held around the U.S.!

Here are some of our pics from our great outing:

Seeing Thomas for the first time coming down the tracks!

Really unsure of getting too close to Sir Topham Hatt

Timmy and mommy on the train anticipating our departure


Trying out the hand pump car
What a great day! We are so thankful that we had this unique opportunity as a family.Tomorrow we will be sharing at South Meridian church in Anderson, so if you're in the area, we'd love to see you!


This weekend we were in Ohio and were introduced to a very fun game called cornhole. It is played during OSU tailgating parties, church picnics and among neighbors. It's similar to a bean bag toss, but the bags are filled with corn. You get points for placing the bag on the board even if you don't make it in the hole. We learned that there's an actual Association (ACA) with rules, playing dimensions and player's stats. (who knew!)
We are so excited because we can make this game in Paraguay and the young people will love it. We played cutthroat, but we weren't any competition to our friends who own their own boards. We're going to make up our own version, but use soybeans instead (soyhole anyone?) So, just wait until we come back in a few years...better watch out!


After some awesome visits all over the east coast, we are happy to be stable for three whole weeks! We have unpacked our suitcases and cleaned out the car and are delighted to fix our own meals and spread out in our happy abode for a few weeks. While we were so very happy to see friends on the road, our son was really craving some stability and his own bed. Thanks for your prayers for us on the road, we've been smooth sailing without any problems.

Here's a few snapshots of some of our fun activities with our friends:
Riding cowboy in Dayton, OH!

Playing ball in near Pittsburg

Eating ice cream cake with great friends in Jersey Shore, PA!
Walking along the beach in CT.
Enjoying fellowship with life long friends in VA
Laughing and remembering the good ol' days with our Paraguayan friends in NYC.

Recreation has been a healthy outlet for our long car rides and speaking engagements. This weekend we'll be in Ohio sharing at Maidenlane Church in Springfield, so if you're in…

Parks, Picnics and Praises

There's nothing better than summer picnics with good friends!
Have we mentioned how much we enjoy libraries? We go at least twice a week to read Timmy stories and to study for our sermon preparation. How much we desire to take libraries back with us to Paraguay! What an incredible resource.
Oh, and the parks! They are truly incredible, almost like mini amusement parks.
We preached in New Jersey last weekend and this Sunday we'll be in Dayton, OH sharing at Covenant Community Church. Giving Thanks- We are so thankful that we have the opportunity to connect with such dear friends. We are healthy and our vehicle is running well. We received beautiful new clothes from loving friends so we don't look like poor ragged missionaries when we speak at churches. Also, we are also delighted that we have a buyer for our truck in Paraguay! God's timing is always perfect.