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Last Day on Air

Today is Norberto's last morning show at Radio Alternativa.  After five years of conducting his radio show 7:00 a.m. daily, it's time for a shift in focus.   While his upbeat, informative mix of local news and music was very popular, it was getting routine.  As we like to say, "We've shot our best bullets" and we're loading our gun for the explosion of the leadership institute.  He's not saying goodbye to radio forever...  He's even contemplating a weekly talk show with the students second semester.    

We're looking forward to exciting, new endeavors in 2011.  We're thankful for what God taught us in 2010 and ready to conquer new terrain in the coming months.

Have you realized, like us, that you can't do it all?  Do you have any shift in focus this year, anything that you need to let go in order to embrace something else? 

Happy New Year!!

Only 4 More Days!

Only 4 Days Left...The December 31st deadline is fast approaching!  There's still a wee bit of time to help us meet the $5,000 Matching Grant Challenge for the ICCI Leadership Institute.  This exciting endeavor will train up young Paraguayans in a marketable trade and help them become leaders in the church and community.

We need your help!
You can donate now by clicking HERE

Preference your donation for special project:  "Paraguay Bible School"

Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal!

Merry Christmas From Our Home to Yours (Christmas Newsletter)

Click on the Paraguayan Nativity scene to read our Christmas Newsletter
May God's peace and joy fill you this Christmas season.
Merry Christmas!!   
Norberto, Julie and Timmy

Prayer for Fellow Missionaries

I wanted to ask for prayer for some fellow servants here in Paraguay.

Ken just had a major heart surgery in Asuncion, the capital, and after spending a few days in ICU, is recovering in the hospital.  However, their insurance company denied their coverage three days before the surgery (the policy says they have to give a 15 day notice). 

Also, another missionary friend in another region of the country just received word that she might be have multiple sclerosis.  She is my age with young children. 

Please pray for our missionary friends who need healing, provision and God's peace.

What Made this Party so Special

Our annual Children of Promise Christmas party was yesterday.  I partied so hard I'm still recovering!

 We started off our party with a puppet show....

 then story time...

 lots of games...

pizza this year, a first-time favorite!

I love these kiddos....

There are two important things I must share with you that made this party extra-special for me:

1.   Before, during and after the party there was a tropical storm going on with very impressive wind speed.  When it rains, Paraguayans do not step outside of their homes.  It spoke volumes to me about the love the children have for this ministry that they came out despite the bad weather.  Of the fifty-six children in the program, forty-five were present!

2.  I officially passed the baton of the directorship over to my assistant, Sandra.  After seven years leading the ministry, it is my complete honor to give the role to a bright, young Paraguayan.  Norberto and I are pioneers and our favorite part about serving here is turning over a fully-…

Making Our Beds and Praying for Students to Lie in Them!

It's about time for an update on our leadership institute.  We are now accepting applications for classes in March!  Even though we don't know how many students will enroll, we have ordered 14 beds from some Christian metalworkers.  This will be one of the trades that the students can choose to learn at the institute. Here is an idea of their fine work. 
 These are the mattresses we ordered, thanks to generous friends who have been giving to the institute's needs.
We are still needing about $10,000 to purchase everything we need for the institute's launching in three months.  Even though we don't have students or all the funds yet, we're taking steps of faith.

The great news is that the Matching Grant Challenge is still on, but only until December 31st.  You can click here or click the red "Donate Now" button to the right of our blog and make a donation to special project "Paraguay Bible School." Don't forget that for every dollar you gi…

We're Living Behind Bars

We never thought we'd have to put bars on our windows, but after our recent robbery and assault, we've decided that it's an important security measure.  Thanks to the help of some supporters in Michigan, tonight we can sleep with our windows open.

Needing bars on our windows is a result of living in a fallen world.  I'm looking forward to a time when locks on doors, guard dogs and alarm systems aren't necessary.  Aren't you?  Guess that will only come in heaven.

Special Memories

We had a special visit from Julie's mom and grandma!  They came just in time for Thanksgiving, Timmy's preschool graduation, music recital, his 5th birthday and an early Christmas celebration.  We know how to party!

We raised and roasted our own turkey for Thanksgiving this year.  It wasn't as big or as tasty as we would have liked.  Okay, let's just say it:  the dang thing was so tough we couldn't eat it.  Oh well.  The most important part of  the holiday is giving gratitude to God for so many good things he has given to us, even if our Thanksgiving was celebrated vegetarian style!

Timmy turned five years old! We celebrated with a birthday party inviting all his classmates and neighbors.  We had a puppet show, thanks to his aunts and uncle's help, and were able to share with them about Jesus' love.  Grandma made the cool birthday cake train and brought special goodies from the United States.  We thank God for the blessing of Timothy Samuel.

 We still can'…

Pigs Feet for Lunch?

This is the "special of the day" in our supermarket. 
Should I take an order for anyone?