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Green Light on Recruitment

As many of you know, we have gradually shifted from radio responsabilities to focusing on the startup of a bi-vocational institute to train Paraguayans
For the next three months we will be traveling to various places in Paraguay to recruit and challenge young and not-so-young to dedicate a time to study the Bible and learn a trade.

Our journey began in Obligado 17, some 30 minutes from our home. There, at a little country church that seats about 40 people we shared a lovely day surrounded by wheat fields, slow growing chicken and fresh air. The Obligado 17 church is led by farmer. He has felt God calling him to oversee this small congregation that him and a number of farming families began some 5 years ago.

We enjoyed a home country meal, and enjoyed fellowship all afternoon. They are eager to walk along side this project.

NEXT Stop.

Bella Vista. We shared here this morning with the congregation who made us feel at home. When the chuch is packed it sits 400. The people in B. Vista ar…

Turkey Eggs, Break-ins and Lens Error Codes

Here are the random things that are happening in our household....
We're not a cat family! Our cat ran away two weeks ago and we (the parentals) haven't missed him.  Did I mention that the mice are all gone?We were broken into on Sunday.  We only realized it when we went to the safe yesterday and found that the key was broken and on the ground.  You may be asking why our safe key was in the safe.  Well, the safe can only be opened with the key AND the combination code.  Thankfully, the thief could not open the safe or take it away, since it takes about 3 people to lift it. As far as we know, he took nothing. The thief came in through the floor boards of our ceiling.  We are getting to know our thief rather well.  He only comes in during the day and he only wants money.  He leaves subtle clues that's he's been here...Just wish we could know his first name!  We're now shopping around for a security camera.  We thank God for our protection and we continue to pray for …

Blooper of the Day

When I visit the sick in our town's public health clinic, I always bring along a bag of goodies:  I am stocked with Bibles, toiletries and toys for children.  I was chatting with a friendly elderly lady named Petrona.  She smiled brightly and I noticed she had a toothless grin.   After I prayed with her, I reached into my bag and pulled out a tube.  Thinking that it was a hand cream, I handed it to her and told her it was cream and bid her goodbye.
Her daughter-in-law came over to the next room where I was talking with an agnostic man (the first patient this year that has rejected prayer for healing, but changed his mind after conversing a while... if you think about it pray for Claudio).  She asked me if I realized that I had given her toothpaste instead of hand cream and she told me her mother-in-law only had one tooth!  Oh my goodness, I was so embarrassed.  I gave her a bar of soap for her mother-in-law and told her to keep the toothpaste for herself.  The daughter-in-law laugh…

Celebrating Children

Yesterday, (Aug 16) was Children's Day in Paraguay.  We celebrated all weekend with the children from the Explorer's Club, with the kids from the "barrio" and with children from church at night.  We had puppets, did special projects and had treats like this pinata... There is nothing like hearing the laughter of children and watching them enjoy life.  We definitely have much to learn from these little ones.  Where would be be without them??  "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."  Mark 10:14

Across the River

This past week we crossed the ferry over to Argentina to preach in Montecarlo for their three day festivities. We shared in three different venues:  a marriage seminar, an evangelistic night and the church's anniversary and Thanksgiving celebration.
The church was beautifully adorned for the celebration.
Between services we visited the city's labyrinth park which is the largest in the country.  It took us over 30 minutes to find our way out! It is harvest time for yerba mate tea. Every few miles we see trucks over packed like this one on their way to the tea factories.  Did you know that the tea has to be harvested by hand? 
This weekend we celebrate Children's Day (August 16) with various activities.  More on that later...   We hope you have a GREAT weekend!

10 Years...the Adventure Continues

Yesterday we celebrated ten years of life together!  We took some sweet time to look at our pictures, recount all that God has done for us; the challenges we've endured and the immense joys we've been privileged to share.  We laughed and cried and prayed for many, many more years of life together.

Our marriage has been a total adventure from the very start and we're quite sure that as long as we both live, the adventure will continue.  We pray that the love we have for each other will continue to deepen and mature. We are convinced that it is only because of God's love for us that we can love each other and put each other before ourselves.

Thank you Father for the gift of marriage. God, you loved us first and gave us your selfless example as a guide. It is a covenant that is holy and precious and something extraordinarily beautiful.  We do not take the seriousness of our oneness lightly and we pray that you will continue to bless us and the marriages of our …

I Need More Compassion

We're sitting in a conference right now by the Christian editor, Marcelo Lafitte, and he just made a statement that made me think...

He was talking with a pastor from South Korea and asked about the reason for the high porcentage of nationals who are committed to Christ and the pastor said, "We have a strong compassion for the lost. If we are sitting on the train with someone who doesn't know Jesus, we won't leave their side until we haven't at the very least given them something to read or invited them to visit a church."

Wow!  I can be so apathatic to those around me because I'm so busy with my life and agenda.  Father, give me a deep compassion for the lost sheep around me.  Help me to put my priorities aside when you give me opportunities to share with others about your hope.

Picture of the Week

Plucking the last of our chicken for the season.

Have You Ever Wanted to be a Part of Something that Really Matters?

Young people are leaving Paraguay by the droves.  There are few available jobs and the brightest young people are frustrated as they have no place to use their skills.  Young Christians in our region are also frustrated because they don't have a place to study for ministry and Christian service.

Something has to change.

We desire to raise up a new generation of Paraguayan leaders.  Many young people want to serve God here in Paraguay, but they don't know where and how to begin.   They are lacking the tools and the structure to learn about their gifts and how to apply them practically in the world.
Enter ICI:  Integral Christian Institute. 

This holistic training will focus on character development, leadership skills and Biblical training.  Young people who are at least 18 years of age will be a part of enriching classes such as New Testament, personal finances and time management.

Since so many Paraguayans are unemployed it is crucial for students to learn a vocational trade suc…