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Spring and Birthday at the House

Last week Anahi turned four. Her birthday coincides with the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere. After our recent sabbatical we are excited about entering into a new season of our own.
On Sunday, September 21, we spent a couple of hours celebrating Anahi. We sang, laughed, and blew out the candles, knowing that every new year and every new season is a wonderful gift from God. It was a sunny and ideal spring day. I ordered two cakes, one for our family birthday celebration and one to share with Anahi's friends at preschool.
As Anahi and I enter into a new year of life and embark on a new season, we are both in expectation of God's leading in our lives. While Anahi is growing into a beautiful, smart, godly little girl, I am moving toward beginning to minister, live, and embrace a new chapter and a new season in my life.
Happy spring to my southern friends, and a colorful fall to all of you north of the equator.

Norberto and Anahi Kurrle