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Telling the Story of Radio Alternativa: Broadcasting Hope in Southern Paraguay

“After finishing seminary, I was invited to direct a newly founded Paraguayan radio station. I spent almost nine years with that ministry, and although I am no longer involved full-time, I still serve on the board of directors. This book is the story of that radio station: Radio Alternativa, 92.7 FM. It was for a long time the only Christian radio station in southern Paraguay."
That's a quote from my book, which I finally have in my hands. I am so thrilled. When the Radio station turned a decade old back in 2009, I began plans of writing something to celebrate that moment. But Julie and I soon got involved in the startup of a small Bible school, which became our focus. Then, in 2012, Anahi and I lived through a fatal highway accident that took the lives of Julie and Timothy. I sank into a pit for a few years. Now, as I am crawling back out and living in this new life, I am finishing some of the projects I had previously planned. This book is one of those latent projects that I…

Dominick Norberto says Hi

Dominick Norberto says, "Hi"
I am blessed to announce the arrival of my son, Dominick, on May 25, 2016. He arrived smiling and healthy. He loves to eat, sleep, and just be hugged. The name Dominick is a Latin name, from dominkus, which means "of the Lord." A famous bearer was St. Dominic, who founded the Dominican order of preaching friars.

In just a few weeks, this little boy has conquered our family’s heart. As a blended family, Dominick is adding to the bonding process. God has blessed us with the gift of life and the opportunity to care and love again. For Mark, Dominick is the little brother now. For Nicole and Anahi, Dominick is an opportunity to practice playing mommy. For Nancy and me, Dominick represents restoration and the beginning of a new life together. 
Today we celebrated our sons first month. Happy one month Dominick