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Can I pray for you?

  Can I pray for you? This was the call to action, in October at our local church. After being locked down for what seemed an eternity, we hit the streets of various neighborhoods in the city of Encarnacion to ask the following question;  Can I pray for you?  We were all wearing yellow shirts with one mandate. Go from house to house and ask people this simple question. In most homes, people were receptive to a word of prayer. We gave a new testament, and a magnet with a phone number they can call anytime to ask for prayer and help.  I was reminded of Jesus when he sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.  He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. We get cozy and enjoy being with people we know. But going and reaching new people who have not heard Gods voice and experienced the abundant life is transformative.  This one connection might n
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Back to Adventure Racing

Just out of college, and recently married, Julie (now in heaven) and I did our first adventure race. We drove from Anderson Indiana, to a small town in WI. We raced for 10 hours, using kayaks, bikes and  run in the wilderness. After that day, we were hooked. That was the beginning of almost a decade of various forms or racing.  I vividly remember "The flying pig marathon" in Cincinnati OH. We finished in a respectable 4:10 min. We felt we had achieved an incredible mile stone as a young married couple. That feeling was part of many other races. Once you run a marathon, many non-sense things in life start to pale.  After the birth of our first son Timothy, and with an increase in our responsibilities in ministry, racing was put on the back burner - eventually we dropped the sport. Then the tragic accident in 2012, which took the wind out of my my sails out, even though I did continue running during those dark years as a way to express pain, and frustration,  and to keep some f

When Healing comes. . .

This past April 18th, 2020, was the first time I did not post about my accident on the very day it happened. I have done it every year since April 18th, 2012. Last year, my son had such a cool dream, which brought so much healing. See post.... This time I waited a few more days to post about a day that I will never forget. The urge to post was just not there this year.     Healing comes, and I am a witness of a long process of that healing. It is said that we go through stages.  In On Grief and Grieving, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and; David Kessler share about the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These five stages are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live without the one we lost.    I went through all these stages, and more. The one that almost killed me was guilt. I felt responsible for the event. I was driving that day when I lost my wife and son. Also various forms of depression ensued. The hardest thing was forgiving myse

Quedatencasa - means (STAY HOME)

So far these are some lessons and habits we have acquired: As of this writing, we are counting 33 days in our house. Preaching sermons and holding meetings in front of a cell phone I am exercising in our garage using Dominick as my main weight Becoming zoom, Skype and you name the platform,  experts Our Van has only logged 9 miles, the equivalent of three grocery trips Our TV takes turns between four kids and the parents.  We are all becoming better cooks in my estimation  We have all been very stressed at moments, but very loving as well  We have all gained and appreciation for the privilege of leaving our house  We realized this crisis will push us into finding a side gig, for income We realize the economy wont always be able to support missions consistently This week, cars with even number plates get to do grocery shopping on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And only if you are 18 or older you can leave the house. Cases overview Paraguay Confirmed 14

At home #1 New Living Conditions

New Living Conditions We are staying inside the house. I left our home last Friday to get groceries for the week. We are urged to only leave to get food and medicine in case we need it. Only one person in the car. So we are learning, as so many around the world, to experience life and use our time in new ways.  Situation in Paraguay.  On Wednesday March 11th, all schools have been shut down On Friday March 13th, we  do not circulate on streets between 8 pm-4 am On Friday March 20th, we are told not to leave the house unless for food We thank God for his provision and we surrender to his will for our life's. Our family is doing good, every one is healthy. Since the lock down, we have bonded in new ways. On Mondays I cook at home. (i take recipe recommendations)  We have all become more dependent on the internet and on each other. The kids are learning online.  Nicole has picked up playing the harp again. It sounds so beautiful . Makes me think about

Paraguay, land of opportunities

Paraguay is a great land. At the time of this writing the Argentinean economy is going thru major inflation, Bolivia is struggling with peace after Evo Morales term. Chile also has had its share of troubles. The situation in Venezuela is of common knowledge: Maduro and Guaido are in a power struggle for the number one seat. Since 2014, however, Paraguay’s economy has grown at a 4% average annual rate due to strong production and high global prices, at a time when other countries in the region have contracted. The economy as well as other factors are helping the country recover from what seemed to be a stagnate and very hopeless situation. Its been a ride, since the late 70s when my parents decided to imigrate when I was a little kid. During that time the country was run by president Stroessner. In February 1989 a cue took out 35 year old ruling Stroessner. Then came, Andres Rodriguez, Juan Wasmosy, Raul Cubas, , Gonzales Machi, Nicanor Frutos, Fernando Lugo, Horacio Cartes an

Dominick's dream

Our three year old Dominick has been telling us about a dream he had during Easter week. The dream too place on the night of April 18th, 2019. Seven years ago, on April 18th, 2012, I lost my wife and six year old son in a car accident.  Dominick woke up a few days ago, and shared his dream: In this dream he saw his brother Timothy hanging out with God. They had fun together and were chasing each other around. Dominick played with Timothy.  Its the first time Dominick shares such a clear dream. . . At least three times on April 18th he repeated what he saw and did.  These past two weeks have been so special in that Dominick in various occasions referred to that dream of him with God and his brother Timothy. A few days later, he dreamed again about his brother.  I consider myself blessed. I hope you are too