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On the Move

Just wanted to share the good news that the judge signed the paper we needed yesterday and we will be heading to Asuncion today to obtain Esther Anahi's birth certificate and passport.  It was very interesting how the whole situation played out.  I decided I had to speak with her personally, so I dressed up Anahi in her cutest outfit and I drove one hour to her office.  My heart was pounding so hard as I walked right upstairs to her office.  I felt like Queen Esther before the King without prior consent.  I asked the judge's secretary if I could show her Anahi.  This judge cared for our daughter for a few nights after she was brought in by the police for transfer to Asuncion.  She also was the one who named her.

When I went to the office, our lawyer told me that she might not even see us.  However, Anahi just kinda walked into her office.  When she saw how beautiful Anahi was she began to cry.  We talked for a few minutes and Anahi gave her a big hug and kiss.  It helps to hav…

Happy Easter from Paraguay!

After having our power off Thursday, Friday, part of Saturday and part of this morning, we have had a VERY quiet Holy Week!!

Here are some pics we took right before the service...thanks to our wonderful photographer Nila.  There were many people at church last night and we believe the Holy Spirit was stirring hearts.

It rained again this morning and after the rain let up, we were able to hide some Easter eggs for the children this afternoon to enjoy an American tradition.

The eggs are typically Paraguayan and they are beautiful.  You use a real egg shell and splatter paint it.  Then hollow it out and put in a sugary peanut mixture.  After it's full, cut out a piece of tissue paper and adhere it to the egg using egg white as a glue. 

  The eggs and family time are fun, but we are grateful that we celebrate the true significance of Easter, RISEN KING today and on every day of the year!

Tropical Storms: the Good and the Bad

On Thursday we had a fierce tropical storm.  We thought the winds were hurricane speed and they took down two trees in our yard.

We were out of power for ten hour on Thursday and all day on Friday.  I guess it's kinda fitting to be in silence on Good Friday!

There are some positive things to storms.  One, we got some much-needed rain.  Two, we got to rest.  Three, we took advantage of the fierce winds and picked up a wheelbarrow of avocados that had fallen from our trees!  We'll be sharing with the whole neighborhood and making lots of guacamole!
  We also got a bunch of fallen banana bunches. Norberto will be preaching tonight on the Good Shepherd at church.  So, keep him in your prayers.
We wish you a very Blessed Easter!!

The Nut Shelling Process

These past two weeks the students have been working hard to fill an order for 220 lbs of shelled peanuts for our large cooperative.  The extra value of a shelled peanut is worth twice as much as an unshelled nut.  At Easter time, people make a sugary peanut mix and fill eggs with it.  (I will try and get a picture of them for you).  So, this is definitely the time to sell peanuts!

Here is one of the students carrying a 40 lb bag of peanuts from dry storage to the nut sheller.  The students are grinding the peanuts in our Universal Nut Sheller.
Here they are separating the peanuts from their shells.
This is another way of separating the fine shell from the peanuts, with a fan! 

This is a very exciting and busy time for our students.  It is giving them a real glimpse at running a micro-enterprise and it is giving them a challenge to reach.  We are grateful for everyone who helped us purchase the nut sheller. Once we get the peanuts shelled, stay tuned for the elaboration of some yummy pea…