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The Genesis of my story in Paraguay. Part 1

It all began in April of 1977 when my parents loaded their belongings on three pickup trucks and left the city of Alem, Argentina and moved to Paraguay to become missionaries under the Church of God. They made a five year commitment with their missionary organization to establish a church in the small town of Obligado.
After that sudden move to a new country, I remember vividly crying for about a week. I was missing my friends in Argentina. I remember saying to my mom, that I did not like living in Paraguay. The roads were dusty and the place we moved in was a small wooden unfinished house. As time went on, I started school, made new friendships, only to move again, five years later to an even more remote location. 
In 1981, my parents moved to Raul Pena, at the time a settlement of about 500 people in the midst of the Alto Parana rain-forest. The calling to push further inland into the Paraguay lands was going to be the trend for the future. So for the next 15 + years, Raul Pena beco…