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The pleasure of running

I got online and found a twelve week training program which I am using to prepare for my first half marathon this year. There are so many benefits to walking/running regularly.

When I got back from my run yesterday, I had more energy, I solved an important issue that was on my mind and my appetite was huge. I realized over and over again the blessings of running.

Running is now on my calendar, as an important item, a way of investing into the future of health. When I stop running, it takes two to three weeks to gain back what I have lost. So the more I stay with it, the easier it becomes to run.

I run new routers all the time. I take narrow dirt country roads and trails. I learn about my community by running. I run by people having their evening terere (Paraguayan cold beverage), or playing soccer and volleyball. I ran by some elderly people, sitting on their rocking chair, who probably would like to be shave off a few years and run too.

On my run yesterday I ran by a man in a wheelcha…

The era of Skype

Since about 2007 I have been using Skype to communicate. Using Skype has replaced expensive phone bills. Its been a great affordable way to meet, organize and connect with family and friends.
Many projects have been solely managed over Skype. But with internet still unstable in my community here in Paraguay, even Skype can’t often help.
A few minutes ago I was abruptly disconnected while talking to a pastor friend in the states. We had scheduled this conversation over a week ago.
I realize once again, that flexibility is a virtue I will need to continue developing. I will put my notes aside, and then reschedule the conversation for a future date.
My grandparents David and Lilian Meier, where missionaries to Brazil between 1935-1975. They took ships to travel to Brazil and back to the states. They communicated via snail mail or telegrams if there was an emergency.

Thinking about my grandparents helps me with my current perspective on communications.

Preparing for 2016

Nancy and I love to travel. I believe you can learn so much about each other on trips. I grew up traveling a lot, and I desire to pass on that legacy to Mark, Nicole, and Anahi.
This month we took a week off to visit family in Buenos Aires—aunts and uncles whom I rarely get to see because of the great distance—and get away while the kids are out of school. As we merge two families into one, we are all learning new skills and sharing our preferences on everything from the music we listen to on the radio, how money is spent, where to sleep, what to eat, and what activities to do. It's an adventure—and often a challenge—to reach a consensus. Trips are great triggers to bring out our best and our worst.
At the beginning of our trip, I took a retreat to look back and look ahead. It’s something I have enjoyed doing f or a number of years at the beginning of each year. I can’t tell you how good these retreats have been for my soul, for my emotions, and for ministry decisions. This year…