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I Pledge Allegiance...

Norberto is now a US citizen, a real “yankee doodle dandy”, as I now like to call him! (he hates that). As Norberto pledged his allegiance to the U.S. and to lives its values in his every day life, we can’t help but think about our allegiance as Christians.

What does it mean to pledge allegiance to the cross? What oath do we take to serve God, and help to give liberty and justice for all? Not only being an American requires allegiance, but also we should show allegiance as citizens of God’s kingdom. How are we showing our true colors for Christ?

Bibles for Paraguay

Hugo was a man searching for God. He came into our Christian bookstore at the radio and asked for a Bible. I asked him what type of Bible he was looking for and he admitted he didn't know. He'd never owned a Bible. I showed him different varieties (we are representatives of the Bible Society in Paraguay) and he left with a Bible in his hand. I found out months later that shortly after taking his first Bible home, the Word came alive to Hugo and he dedicated his life to the Lord! He is now faithfully serving God with his life and growing incredibly.

How many more Paraguayans could come to know God as their personal friend just by getting a Bible into their hands? We have received an incredible offer from Missionary Ventures Canada. They will give us 10,000 Spanish Bibles FOR FREE, but we have to pay the shipping costs. Shipping from Canada will come to about $4,000 (with importation costs), which is equivalent to .40 cents per Bible! Can you help us put the Word of Go…

Problem of Persistence

There are so many things I love about Paraguay. However, one thing that drives me up a wall is the absolute lack of persistence I see around me. When it rains and and there's an event planned, no one shows up. Now, if we lived in the country where the mud permitted everyone from getting around, that would be one thing. However, we live in a town with cobblestone roads. But, when a few drops start to fall people run into their houses as if they would melt in the rain. That can get so frustrating after you've worked hard to plan an event or you've invited a special speaker and no one shows up.

People start going to church, but a few weeks later they stop going. Marriages fail constantly due to lack of commitment. In fact, according to the 2000 Guinness Book of World Records, Paraguay has the lowest per capita of marriages of any country in the world. Paraguay, this country that I love so much, is full of people who have quit the race too prematurely.

Norberto was in …