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Cold Winter in South America

This has been one of the coldest winters in the last 80 years according to the weather department. We have had record low temperatures throughout the month of July. Most homes are not equipped with insulation or heading systems. The cold has affected church attendance and many people are fighting colds. Our son Timothy has also been hit by this long Paraguayan winter.

On another note, we are looking forward to the coming of Renato and Denise, our new pastors. Our congregation has been struggling for almost one year, since our previous pastor left the church. At the time the congregation was running some 300 in attendance, and now that number has fallen to about 80. Pray for this new couple as they begin their ministry in Obligado, Itapua.

We wish all of you a wonderful week and hope that with this new blog we can keep you up to date with experiences and happenings from our corner of the world.

He's Back

Timmy had a great recovery from his surgery** today. He didn't even cry. In fact, when he came to in his room the doctor was looking at his eye. Instead of freaking out at the stranger in his face (like I would have) he smiled and said, "hola!" **This was a very small procedure to take out the stent that was inserted into Timmy's left eye for a blocked tear duct.

We've Migrated

We've converted our webpage into a blog because:

1. We've been blogging for a few years and thought you'd be curious about what doesn't make it in the newsletter

2.  This is interactive.  You can post comments and criticisms.  No tomatoes, please.

3.  It's easier to maintain and we have a toddler. Nuff said.