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There's Nothing Better than Serving Together

We’ve been having such a variety of experiences in the past few days. The group finished the work project. The radio station's new paint job looks like a million bucks and we have a complete sidewalk (which was started in 2005 by our first CMA team!)

We dedicated two bikes yesterday and had some great time of fellowship

with our new friends in Obligado and Bella Vista.

Today we were able to tour the “Pajarito” (Little Bird) yerba mate tea factory, visit the local co-op and the Jesuit ruins in Trinidad. The highlight of the day was sharing with CMA Paraguay chapter for a delicious steak dinner, singing and jam session!

Tomorrow we head to the Iguazu Falls and Itaipu hydroelectric power plant. Saturday is already fast approaching and it will be time to go home.

We are so grateful for all the love and sacrifice you’ve given to us here in the heart of South America. We love you and will continue to pray for you, dear friends. Muchas Gracias!

Hard at Work

Yesterday and today the team has been touching up the radio in preparation for the 10th anniversary celebration in January.
They’ve been painting, making a new sidewalk and cleaning up the patio. These folks work hard, and laugh hard and are so much fun to hang out with.

They are great workers we are so fortunate that one of them specializes in construction, so we have an expert on site!

Tonight we have a big service to dedicate a motorcycle in Bella Vista, so more photos to come!

CMA Hits the Ground Running

The CMA team arrived on Sunday and because their plane was late, we headed straight to the church to dedicate their first motorcycle. Talk about starting out with a bang! Web CMA Nov 2008 047 They presented themselves and Evangelist Rick Steffy preached on the Fruit of the Spirit. They dedicated the motorcycle used by Pastor Roa. He and his family are delighted with this great ministry tool.

On Monday we went to the ACHE Indian community and saw how the motorcycle is being used. We heard missionary Bjarne Fostervold share how they went into the woods to try and make contact with the Ache in the 70s. It was a tedious task, but they finally captured their hearts and now, 32 years later, Bjarne and his family are still living and serving the Ache. W toured the village and we prayed with a sick woman and the children sang us songs.

We met the chief’s wife, Juliana, (pictured with me) who’s life was saved by the grace of God. She is a woman full of joy and it's always a blessin…