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Friendship is a Gift

Today is Friendship Day in Paraguay!  It is one of our favorite holidays here.  It is full of teas, BBQs, gift exchanges, poems and showing appreciation for good friends.

I just got back from hand delivering a bunch of pansies to our friends with a scripture verse and a hug. 

Wish we could send YOU a hug too! We are so grateful for your prayers, funny and uplifting emails and for your comments on our blog.   We pretty much feel the Apostle Paul hit it right on when he wrote about his friends far away during his missionary journeys...

"I thank my God every time I remember you, in all my prayers for all of you. I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel."  Philippians 1:3-5
Thanking God for you today, dear friends!  You are a gift from above.

We Don't Suffer Enough

"The saving purposes of Christ among the nations and in our neighborhoods will not be accomplished unless Christians choose to suffer." -John Piper, Desiring God

I read those words this morning and I felt instantly convicted.  When do I ever choose to suffer?  Not enough.  I spend more time choosing comfort and ease instead of choosing to sacrifice or even worse, suffer.  When I think about suffering I think about great Christian martyrs like William Tyndale, Jim Elliott, Dietrich Bonfoeffer,the Whitmans and countless others.

I recently read the story of the life of John Hyde, missionary to India.  John Hyde knew sacrifice. He would pray on his knees for 8 hours a day crying out to God for the lost around him.  His doctors say that the strain of his burden for the lost drove his heart into premature failure and death. In fact, bewildering his doctors, his heart had shifted from the left side of his chest to the right hand side.  Frequently, he would invite young boys off the…

The Latest....

We were sitting around our beloved wood burning stove last Friday and Timmy slipped on a rug and fell right against the wood corner of the couch and sliced open his chin.  We went to the doctor and Timmy got his first battle wound, two stitches.

The Ministry of Education declared it was too cold for kids to go back to school this next week (temps are around freezing in our area), so they are extending winter vacation a third week.  Not to mention that the teachers just lifted a hunger strike, so classes were suspended two weeks before vacation started.  In response to this sad state of national education, we start setting out in two weeks to visit churches to recruit students for our Leadership Training Institute, that will launch in March 2011!  More on that later.

Lastly, we had family here for a few days and loved the warm fellowship!  Here are mom and dad Kurrle playing hymns on the accordion.  Everyone in the family had an instrument, even the littlest one (1 year old) had a shake…

Raining Cats, Dogs and more animals

Remember how we mentioned we were dealing with a few plagues?  
Well, there is good news to share!

The sand fleas are in hibernation due to the rain and freezing temps we've been having lately.  We haven't had to dig into our feet for over two weeks!

We never thought we'd own a cat.  I hate cats.  However, extreme situations call for extreme measures.  We killed over 40 mice and rats and we still couldn't get a handle on the problem.

Silver is here and the rats are on the run!  This little guy is only 2 months old, but he doesn't mess around.  He is a great hunter and he's very friendly too. 

So, now we have a dog, a cat (his brother is arriving on Sat), six chicken and we'll be getting two turkeys this week sometime, so we can have turkey on Thanksgiving!

It's raining animals at our house and we're almost becoming a farm.  But the pests are on the way out the door and that, friends, is a VERY good thing.

Photo of the Week

We went to visit some humble Christians about 30 minutes south of us and they offered us tea.  These folks have nothing, yet are so loving and hospitable. We were touched by their spirit.

Heat is a Luxury

It's been really cold here the last few days and today we woke up to 0 degree Celsius.  We're giving our new wood burning stove a work out; yesterday we kept it burning all day!  While we are thankful for a cozy home, the sad reality is that most Paraguayans do not have the luxury of a source of heat inside their homes.  Many live in small wood houses that have no insulation.

Our three little neighbors came over yesterday to sit by the fire (while Norbert taught them a few chords on the guitar) to simply stay dry from the damp cold. 

Our blanket campaign from Missionary Ventures' Christmas Catalog is in full force.
This year we are giving out 80 blankets (we gave out 46 last year) to those who most need them (children, single mothers and the elderly)!

It is important for us to support local artisans.  Last year we bought our blankets from San Miguel.  However, this year our blankets come from Carapegua, four hours northwest of us.
They are woven with vibrant scraps of cloth t…

Thinking About You...

I called the adoption center last week and they told us there was no news about our case.  It was a sad day.  Even worse, they told us that some families have dropped out because of discouragement with the system.  The only consolation is that with fewer families wanting to adopt, we are somewhere closer to bringing our precious child home.  Why is the system so inefficient?  Why don't people care that little ones are living lives without the love of a family while the "system" takes its sweet time in placing them?  

This morning I woke up thinking about you.  I think about the conditions of the orphanage and shudder.  I think about if anyone is holding you or reading you stories and telling you about Jesus' love for you.  I don't even know you and my heart is overflowing for you, little one.  We pray for you  We have the crib set up for you already and your brother Timmy prays for God to keep you safe.  We are asking for patience, but can h…