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As I begin my second year without my Julie and Timothy,  I still look for answers, but I believe, with a new perspective. One Year and One month went by since the accident.  It’s been, the longest, most painful and probably most physically aging year in my life. I have never had to grieve before. I did not even know how to grieve, or never thought about grieving.
When my 101 year old grandma died, we all celebrated her faithfulness to God and long life.
When my three day, just born, little brother died, we grieved for a few days, and life went on...
When Julie and I lost our second child due to an ectopic pregnancy, we had each other and had Timothy to find comfort. So life went on….

You might ask how I am doing, or what I am up to. Overall I am doing better, still crying at times, still missing my Julie and Timothy, but knowing that I must get up and gradually take steps into fully living again. One part of me wants to stay in grieve mode forever, while another side of me, is pressed b…