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Paraguay Ranks High on Corruption

Yesterday Transparency International came out with their yearly ranking of the most and least corrupt countries in the world.  Denmark, Singapore and New Zealand came ahead as the the least corrupt countries and Somalia topped the list as the most corrupt. 

Out of 178 countries, Paraguay ranked 146.  Only Venezuela ranked worse in South America, as number 164.

The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) ranks countries according to perception of corruption in the public sector.
“The CPI is an aggregate indicator that combines different sources of information about corruption, making it possible to compare countries,” says the report. The 2010 CPI draws on different assessments and business opinion surveys carried out by independent and reputable institutions. It captures information about the administrative and political aspects of corruption. Broadly speaking, the surveys and assessments used to compile the index include questions relating to bribery of public officials, kick-backs …

My God Delivered Me

Saturday was a day I’d never like to repeat.  I woke up at 6:11 a.m. and I unlocked my bedroom door and went to the kitchen to unlock the front door.  As I was unlocking the door I felt someone behind me.  I turned and there was a man in our living room with a steak spear in his hand and he grabbed me. 

I screamed and started yelling for our dog, for our neighbor, for anyone.  He was big, almost 200 lbs, and wore a white motorcycle helmet on his head.  I kicked and screamed and knocked down chairs.  I then realized after wrestling with him to escape for almost 10 minutes that I should ask him what he wants.  He said, “Quiero plata”  (I want money).
I told him to let me go so I could get my purse. I desperately did not want him to go into my bedroom, where my four year old was sleeping. He did not let me go, instead he dragged me by the hair and took me to my room, where Timmy was sleeping and where my purse was.  I opened my wallet and gave him all that I had.  Since it was dark, he ha…

Spread the Word!

This week we are so privileged to receive visitors from Spread The Word, (STW) a dynamic ministry of the Church of God.  The goal of STW is to pump up giving to missions among teenagers.  Young people are challenged to give to the Lord and His Kingdomwork by sacrificing a fast food meal or a music purchase. 

STW started around 2002 and this year, normal teens surpassed the $500,000 mark of giving worldwide!   With these funds, they give evangelistic tools to national pastors such as bicycles, projectors and even a boat to reach island villagers!

Paraguay has been blessed most recently with musical instruments, a projector and laptops to give talks in public schools and share The Jesus Film in remote areas (like Barrio Milagros, pictured below).

The team is here sharing 5 Principles of Leadership in different cities and encouraging our pastors and youth and loving on people (including us!).

Here's the group with the spectacular Paraguayan Youth Ministry Team.

Thank you STW for all…

Drum Roll, Please

We used a random number generator and the winner of the lace giveaway is......

Thank you to everyone who entered.  Thank you for your prayers for Roland (they take off tomorrow morning) and for your love, encouragement and prayers for us in our ministry here. 

We appreciate you all very much.

Keep on the lookout for another giveaway coming your way around Christmastime! (wink)

Last Chance: Giveaway Ends Tomorrow!

If you still haven't entered our giveaway, there's time.  You have until tomorrow at midnight.

The prize is your choice of one of the following Nanduti lace:

We'd love for YOU to win!

Motorcycle Trip and a Giveaway!

No, we are not giving away a trip!  But we are giving away a cool prize, which I'll explain in just a sec.

About the trip....Norberto is heading out to the CMAinternational rally in Hatfield, Arkansas on Monday with the Paraguay CMA Chapter President, Roland (pictured right).
 Here is Roland inducting a new member of CMA Paraguay at the ceremony last week.
Roland is terrified of flying.  He told us a few years ago that he would NEVER step foot on an airplane.  Never say never.  Roland is flying to the rally, folks!  The only reason he agreed to the trip is that he believes that God has told him he needs to be there.  Please pray for Roland as he is taking a leap flight of faith.   
Norberto is representing Missionary Ventures at the 35th anniversary of CMA changing of the Colors and will be sharing about how the gift of motorcycles to indigenous pastors has had such a profound effect on the spreading of God's word here. If you are going to be around Ouachita Mountain from Oct 19…

CMA on the Move

This has been our biggest year to date with CMA motorcycle delivery!  We thought last year was huge being able to give out nine motorcycles, but this year we were able to bless TEN ministries in Paraguay with motorcycles!  None of these families had personal means of transportation before receiving the motorcycle.  Here are the first five:

 Pastor Silas who serves in Katuete in northern Paraguay, 7 hours north
 Pastor Remigio is working in the surrounding areas of Carapegua, 5 hours northwest. 
 Pastor Cesar is working in rural Paraguay in Alto Parana, two hours north.
 Pastor Wallace who is ministering in Naranjito, 90 minutes north
  Pastor Justo who serves in Bella Vista, 15 minutes north

They are so grateful that people have decided to give beyond their borders to help pastors reach Paraguayans for Jesus.  Thank you CMA for the indescribable gift you have given!

Bulleted Thoughts

For some reason I'm humming Christmas songs today.   I can't get "Joy To the World" out of my head!Our family is growing....the dog is about ready to have pups and the turkey chicks (if that's what you call them) are about to hatch.  Had a tough-love confrontation today with someone who's not "walking the talk."  Please pray for L.Help me feed my addiction to books win a Kindle by entering this blog contest for missionaries.  All you have to do is write the link to one of your favorite "Passion for Paraguay" posts.  We are moving forward on our construction slowly but slowly.  Can finishing a 4.5' x 8' bathroom really be THAT expensive?Timmy is pounding something with a hammer right now.  The kid is destined for construction work.  This is a many-times-daily experience in our home. Sad to say there is no news on our adoption.  We continue to pray for patience and for our little one.Killed 2 poisonous snakes in the yard.  The third …

The Traveling Trio

We're the traveling trio!  Our little guy feels right at home in the car (Don't worry Mom, we didn't travel with him like this!) and being in new churches each weekend. 

This past weekend (in Katuete and Ciudad del Este) we had the best response to ICI so far!  We had several people talk to us about the possibility of studying.  One couple in particular has a strong call to ministry.  They both work full-time and would need to quit their jobs to study, but we are praying that God will provide and give them the courage to take this next step.

This weekend we will be in Santa Rita and next weekend we hit Encarnacion.  Please pray that God would speak to the people that need to be a part of the training program and that God would give us protection as we travel.