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She's Ours!!! (with pictures)

We just got a call from our lawyer saying that the judge has signed the resolution for our guardianship and we can bring our little girl home!!!  Since we have to teach today and tomorrow, we will be traveling most likely on Friday morning to Asuncion to get Anahi.  We are so excited!!!  This long process is finally coming to an end and it's such a joyous time in our lives. 

I can finally post pictures too!

 This is when we first met her in July for the first time ( 9 months old).

This is one of our visits to Asuncion when we went to a children's festival and she bounced in the globo loco (moonwalk). (10 months)

Anahi at 11 months.  Look at those big brown eyes!
Feeding our little girl.

Hanging out with big brother

Peek-a-boo with Papi.

Pray for our transition as Anahi adjusts to our life and rhythm, different foods and craziness!!    We can't God enough for this indescribable gift and we also continue to thank you for lifting us up in your prayers.

Heart of Stone

When we walked into the judge's office yesterday the judge had a look on her face that could kill.  She did not greet us or smile.  She simply told us to have a seat.  I gulped and said a quick "Oh Lord, help us" type of prayer.  This was the judge that everyone warned us about.  The one that throws young children out of her courtroom.  We had been praying for weeks that we would be salt and light to this woman and when we walked into our office I knew we would need a miracle.

She started asking the normal questions...our age, our nationality...  Then she asked why we wanted to adopt.  We explained that we had always wanted a big family, but due to infertility problems, things hadn't gone as planned.  We told her that we have been praying for a child for years and that we truly believed that Anahi is the answer to our prayer.

In that moment, something happened to the judge's face.

She smiled, then she looked down and started to weep.  She broke down and shared wi…

The Big Day!

Tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in Encarnacion is our big interview with the judge for the adoption of Anahi!!!  Thanks for your prayers that we can be salt and light and that God would show us favor.

Walking by Faith is a Tough Road

The last three days have been some of the most difficult and exhilirating of my entire adult life.  They were full of joy, fear, sadness, doubt to name just a few of the emotions that gripped my heart while I was with our daughter in Asuncion.

I took an overnight bus to be with her when she got up in the morning.  In order to see her beautiful morning smile I needed to face my fears of walking in the same terminal where I was assaulted in 2008- my purse knifed by three thugs.  I arrived safely and I walked into her foster caregivers home at 6:00 a.m. and saw her there sleeping and in perfect peace.  Thank you God for this amazing gift! 

I spent the next days learning about our daughter's daily life and routine with the family that so graciously cared for her  and helped her to understand the love of a family, a real home.  I was so humbled by their hospitality.  They are a modest family yet they gave me their bed, and their bedroom while the children slept in the living room.  Th…

Worth It All

We had the BEST time with our little girl this weekend!! We bonded with her so much and she just kept giving us sweet little kisses.  Leaving her behind was just the PITS.  Thankfully, we won't have many more goodbyes.  However, we have to continue the relating process with her so the social worker can give a report to the judge on how Anahi is dealing with her new family (that would be us).  So, I (Julie) am leaving on an overnight bus for Asuncion and will be with her until Friday night.  Norb is holding the fort down here (and teaching my classes) while I'm gone. 

Our big interview with the judge is in one week, on August 30.  If all goes well, we will be named Anahi's legal guardians until the adoption process is complete.  We aren't sure when this long process will end the adoption will be complete, but we're grateful to God for our little girl and recognize that all these sacrifices are totally worth having her in our arms.

The Judge Signed!!!

Those were the happiest words we heard all week when our lawyer called on Wednesday.  That means we now have the opportunity to make contact with our daughter in her foster home!

Thursday night we made the trip to Asuncion and yesterday we spent six hours with Anahi!  We got to feed her, change her diaper, play with her and put her down for a nap.  We were supervised the entire time by a government social worker.  Thankfully, we had a great day and unbelievably she didn't cry even once!

Today and tomorrow we will spend the day with her again (unsupervised) and then we will wait for our interview with the judge on Tuesday, Aug 30.  If all goes well with our interview, we will be named legal guardians of Anahi and we will be able to bring our little girl home.  Then, we'll post all the pictures that we're dying to show you of our little princess.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short: Guest Post by Ken Hagerman

Usually we shy away from those things that look a little too self-serving. For this reason, we don’t often talk of finances or of needs, especially the physical ones. However, recent events in the financial climate as well as our first-hand knowledge of how these events are dramatically affecting ministries operating here, have necessitated my writing this informative piece. Many times we Americans don’t know a whole lot about how the world functions outside of our borders. Even if we are seasoned business travelers or vacationers we only experience the other countries we visit from the small window of opportunity those things offer. Today, I wanted to take the time to tell you a little about exchange rates.

Many of you may support ministries outside of the United States and if so I want to share a little bit of how those financial blessings operate once they leave the good ole U.S. of A.  While there are several countries outside the USA that use the U.S. dollar for thei…

Our Signs of Spring

The flowers are blooming!  (magnolias)
(yucca flower)

The garden is growing...

The orchids are flowering...  This delicate orchid in our yard is called a "micro orchid" as the flowers that are blooming are best seen under a microscope.

The puppies are playing... (.thank God that they all sold, but they're so cute who couldn't resist!)

and her clothes are hanging!!.. in the anticipated arrival of our daughter.  We are expecting to be able to bring her home in the next 2-3 weeks.
We rejoice at the signs of spring in our home and family.  God is so good!!  He makes all things beautiful in His time.  What are some signs of spring in your life right now?

CMA Paraguay Aids International Rally

This weekend is the International Viajeros Motocycle Rally.  It is being held in our town and our CMA chapter is heavily involved with the event.  Bikers have come from neighboring countries Brazil, Argentina, Chile and as far as Europe. 

There was a biker parade today and Norberto registered the bikers and was asked to give the opening prayer.  I handed out flags and Timmy was the cute biker kid. 

These events are ALWAYS interesting to meet people!!  There were over 250 bikers present for the parade.
That guy in front of the caravan is from Germany and is biking from Argentina to Alaska!! Right before the caravan has about to start, a drunk guy's bike tipped over on ours.  Then two bikes down, a guy jumps off his bike as it goes up in flames.  Thankfully, we were able to put out the fire.  Never a dull moment with bikers!  
We're hoping to have more opportunities to talk with them tomorrow and use opportunities to share about our faith journey.

August is the Month of the Child!

Here in Paraguay we celebrate Mother's Day (May 15), Father's Day (second Sunday in June) and Children's Day (August 16)!  However, the entire month is full of children's events.
This past week some local churches and businesses sponsored a special concert with Biper, a Christian children's group from Argentina.  The stadium that was rented was packed with 4,000 children/adults!!
Timmy still can't stop talking about the concert.  He was especially happy to have a dream come true and eat cotton candy!  

On Saturday, Aug 20 our church is sponsoring a big party with a moonwalk inflatable, and an afternoon of fun and games in a poor neighborhood about 10 minutes outside of town.  We are looking forward to serving the children and telling them about God's love. 

We continue to pray that August will be the month that we bring home our sweet daughter as well.  We still don't have any news from the judge.  Our attorney says that she hasn't signed the papers …

Puppies for Sale...or Creative Ways to Pay for Adoption

Our lab pups are almost 45 days old; aren't they adorable!  We have eight pure bred pups and we will be selling them to help pay our attorney fees for the adoption.  This extra income (pray that they sell) could not have come at a better time because our budget could not handle the added expense of the attorney/court fees for the adoption.  Three weeks ago we had no idea that a precious little girl would be added to our family soon, so we didn't have time to save up.  Not to mention that the dollar is so low here, it really makes prayer an integral part of our existence!

So, if you know of anyone living in Paraguay that wants the best all-around dog that's fantastic with kids, send 'em our way!

All Good Things Come to Those that Wait...and Pray!

I just talked with our attorney (we were not at the meeting) and she said that the judge wanted to review our case and will give us an answer on Monday.  Ah, Monday seems so far off!  There are two judges for the children's sector in our state and the one assigned to our case happens to be the more difficult (as in takes her time, is critical, and skeptical).

However, that does not intimidate us.  We know that so many folks are praying and we believe that God can even change the heart of a judge who doesn't have any children and doesn't understand the heart of a mother. I am asking God for patience and the trust in Him that His  timing his perfect and His ways are perfect.

After Monday when we receive a favorable response, we will need to present ourselves in front of the judge and she will interview us on why we want to adopt.  We want to be salt and light to this woman.  Would you please be in prayer for her (Evelyn) and for us?  We really, truly appreciate your intercess…

Going Before the Judge Today!

Today is the day that our lawyer will represent us before the judge in our state to present the "juicio de adopcion" or to legally consider us as Anahi's parents! 

Will you please pray with us that the judge will sign our little girl over without a flinch or a glitch?  If everything goes smoothly, we will be able to start our visitation with our daughter this weekend!  The agency requires 3-5 visits to build trust and a relationship with her before bringing her home. 

He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing.  -Deut. 10:18