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We are officially heading south. Right now we are in Kentucky and this afternoon we will be in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee for a three day retreat. Thanks to some loving friends, we will be staying in a quiet cabin where we can fish, hike and rest before heading home to Paraguay.

CMA Reunion

Last night we had the opportunity to hang out with our CMA friends. We met with the ReRiders Chapter in southwest Michigan for their weekly ride. It was a great chance to meet new bikers and thank them for their contributions to Run for the Son. This year we are going to be able to distribute a record number of motorcycles to different ministries throughout the country. We'll be working on that project as soon as we head home (in less than 3 weeks).

Next week we start making our way down to Miami, so keep us in your prayers as we have two more speaking engagements before we leave. We are on the home stretch and looking forward to going home to Paraguay.

Sum, Sum Summertime!

There's nothing like Michigan in the summertime! We've really enjoyed eating fresh berries and campfires at night. Here are a few pics of our experiences with family and friends...
Tigers Game with GrandpaTimmy and Lukie playing on the train at John Ball Zoo
Henry Ford Museum
Celebrating Great Grandma's birthday. Timmy helped mommy make the cake.

We would appreciate you keeping us in your prayers as we have three more church visits this month and lots of miles to travel before we head home on the airplane in less than a month.

Photos from Recent Days

It's very hard for us to capture all that's going happening in our lives this month. With Children of Promise training, North American Convention, our church visits and a few outings in between, we feel like we're barely able to keep up with our correspondence and our blog. Almost two-thirds into our trip, we feel like our trip has been not only beneficial for us to "unplug" from the heavy demands on us in ministry, but it's been a fantastic opportunity for us to reconnect with important people in our lives. We are needing prayer for our third and last leg of our journey. We are once again living out of suitcases and on the road a lot. Timmy has already asked us to "go home" to Paraguay. He misses his bed and his amigos. We are striving to give him love, grace and routine in the midst of many changes and we hope that God gives us strength to finish strong. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

Here are a few shots of what's been going on …

Blown Away

This week we were honored as the alumni of the year for our graduate alma mater. All the way to the banquet, we kept wondering why they selected us! This is an award we certainly did not expect and we do not feel we merit such an accolade. Our desire, above all else, is to serve our Lord well and finish the race. We give God the glory for any good thing that comes out of our lives and are very humbled that He would use us in any way.