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Parenting 101: Timothy's first year

My beloved son, Timothy:
From the time you were very small, I called you different nicknames: Choclo, Campeón, Héroe, Ganador, Chupi, Boppi, Biscocho, Flecha, Luchador, Corredor, Botón, and more. Campeón (Champion) was one of my favorites because you had already overcome a number of hurdles. Although the odds of pregnancy were not in our favor, you came anyway after your mommy underwent surgery for endometriosis. Then, at birth, your umbilical cord was wrapped around your neck three times. I was so, so glad when you actually arrived, healthy and beautiful.
With your birth behind us, we were a family of three. Your first summer welcomed you with 35 days of 100-plus-degree temperatures. We had just purchased a new air conditioner for your room, and we would wake up at night to make sure that you were okay. Fortunately, the nature of our work allowed for one of us to be with you at all times. This helped your mommy to make sure that you got breast milk for as long and as much as possible.…