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Signs of Spring

We are so happy to have our camera back!  So, to show evidence of how excited we are to have a camera and to experience the beauty of the changing are a few early signs from our yard that spring is on its way!

Brazilian Walking Iris Cattleya Orchid
We have had tons of rain lately, to Timmy's makes great mud for his trucks to plow through! Tomato plants
Lilies Passion fruit flower An avocado tree that grew out from our compost pile Prickly pear after the rain Our garden Another bright-colored lily The eucalyptus sheds its winter bark A magnolia about ready to open The balsam tree and its fruit Freesias welcome visitors with their fragrance at the front gate

Helping Kids on the Street

Of the 80 blankets were received this year, through the Missionary Ventures Christmas Catalog, over half went to children on the streets or who are living in orphanages.  We worked through the Secretary for Children and Adolescents to make sure the blankets were distributed to the most needy children.  These are some more blanket recipients, which were delivered in June-August (our winter):

These kids were found either working or sleeping on the streets by social workers.
These boys wash car windshields on very dangerous, busy streets to help their family make ends meet.
This little guy's mom works all day and he stays home alone. These are some girls in a shelter for abandoned children.    Thanks so much for making a difference in the lives of these little ones!  Please pray that the situation changes in Paraguay to better defend and protect these vulnerable children.

Paraguay 33 Presente!

Paraguay Troop 33 was present at the annual Exploradores camp!!  A group of 45 children/adults traveled 6 hours this past weekend to the national "Exploradores Camparama" in Aregua.  This is Maria's first time to camp and she was so excited!  It was our job to set up camp before the kids arrived.  At least we didn't forget the poles, like at this camp!   There is nothing like camp to make memories! The troop had to make their own living quarters.  This was their creative way to store the tools.
Here's commander Norberto testing out the port-o-pot!
 The troop had great food to eat, thanks to some parents who came on board.  Here, they're eating chicken and rice. 
 The troop even won the cooking contest for best guiso, which is like a beef stew with rice! Ours is pictured far right.
Our troop in formation; we had the biggest turn out of any troop in the country! They played games, had Bible study and worked on their survival skills  One of our campers was chosen as the…

The God Who Sees Me

Do you ever get a garage sale find that is a real gem?  When we were on furlough last year I hit the garage sales in our area (whichever city we were in) every Saturday morning.  Well, I found this study book for 50 cents and brought it home.  I decided to start it last week; it's on the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) and it is so rich and full that I'm gleaning all kinds of insight out of it for personal growth and for teaching purposes. 

Yesterday's study was on Hagar.  I have never given her much thought.  Truth be told, I've had a negative perspective on her my entire Christian life.  She's the Egyptian slave who bore the "other" son to Abram.  That son (Ishmael) was the father of another nation that historically has made life difficult for Christians.  Ishmael was born because instead of waiting on God's perfect plan, Sarai took things into her own hands and handed over her maidservant to her husband to bear him a son.  As e…

For the Love of Kids

As director of a children's ministry called Children of Promise every month, I purchase, deliver, package and distribute food for 52 children.  It is a huge undertaking and thankfully, I don't do it alone. 
It takes 4-5 hours to complete the process from start to finish.  We buy the items i.e.:  flour, soap, toothpaste, fruits, vegetables, milk and rice for the families that are involved in the ministry. Here are some of my faithful helpers at work:
We still have some children who are waiting for a sponsor, like Hector V.  He's 7 and loves animals.  He likes to play soccer, help his mom watch his little brother and go to Sunday School. 
If you are interested in helping a child get healthy food, receive an education and learn more about God, please contact Children of Promise.

What Would We Do Without Technology?

Right now our power is out.  Usually that would mean no internet and we'd be up a creek, because today is our office day.  However, our computer has a charged battery and we have a portable modem, so thanks to technology, we're in business!

What a HUGE savings technology has been for us!  I think about Norberto's grandparents on the mission field and when they received a telegraph it meant someone had died.  Even missionaries twenty years ago had to make very expensive phone calls and pay for slow fax messages to connect with those back home. When we first arrived in Paraguay we could only call mom once a month because it was so costly.  Today we whip out emails daily, upload videos, scan documents and we talk via skype and do video calling for free.  I heart skype.  Grandma can see her grandson every week and check out what new invention he's created with his legos and she can see his boo-boos and blow him kisses, like grandmas love to do.  Here's a video of our l…