Friday, April 8, 2011

How to make Rosella (Roselle) Juice and Tea

This is rosella (not to be confused with grosella, which is gooseberry).  Rosella is from the hibiscus family.
It's harvest time here, and we use the rosella to make juice and tea.  It's properties are absolutely tremendous.  It helps sooth colds, coughs, helps digestion, promotes healthy kidney function, is a treatment for cancer, and reduces a fever and that's just a few of its benefits!

 To make rosella juice, first de-pit the fruit and wash the skin thoroughly.
Put the fruit into boiling water until the water is bright red (about 15 minutes).  The color is so vibrant, Roselle is sold to make dyes.  Strain the fruit (which can be used to make a delicious jam) and refrigerate the juice.  Add a few squirts of Stevia for a healthy drink.

The finished product looks exactly like red Kool-aid, but is entirely full of nutrients.  We can't get enough of it.
We dehydrated the petals for hot tea.  All you need is two dried flowers to infuse in hot water to make a wonderful hot tea on a cool day.  If you don't have access to Rosella, run, don't walk to get some rico hibiscus tea at a specialty store near you.


  1. Hibiscus - now I get what they are ! The tea is delicious but I have never seen juice made like that ! Wow what a blessing. Soooo much healtier than Kool aid or coke or any of those artifically coloured and flavoured drinks.
    Can't beat Gods amazing storehouse.

  2. Thanks for reminding me -- we used to make this in Trinidad all the time and I still have a package of dried flowers (I am having problems with "if I use it I won't have any for later")

  3. In Kenya we make the juice exactly the same way, only that we add honey to taste.