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The last two decades

One of the greatest joys and rewards over the past 20 years, has been seeing hundreds and thousands of paraguayans transformed by the various ministry we have had the opportunity of pioneering, connecting and joining. 1. Radio Alternativa 2000 - to date. (thousands daily hear the good news) 2. Children of Promise - 2005 to date. (hundred of kids impacted with God's love and are today men and women with a influence) 3. Fifteen Church and classrooms buildings raised up with teams from the USA. (These buildings have ranged from small classrooms to sizes seating 300 +) 4. Leadership training programs (Icci Obligado was one of the efforts to establish a bivocational training school) Today the Bethel Bible Series is an effort to continue these trainings. 5. CMA Paraguay 2005 to date. (Today CMA Paraguay has been established in five states thanks to an incredible team of men and women in Paraguay that love bikes and Jesus) 6. CMA motorcycles donations. (We have given away 80+ motorcycles
Recent posts

CMA hits another Home Run

It happened again. CMA continues to leave its mark on Paraguay.  Every couple years we are blest to host teams from CMA ( Christian Motorcycle Association).  CMA came to experience first hand how God is at work through the Run for the Son in Paraguay. Run for the Son is an anual event held in the USA to raise funds to invest in kingdom work. Part of the funds are used to less pastors and leaders around the world with means of transportation to take the gospel farther.  Although motorcycles make up the bulk of gifts, they also give pastors bicycles, horses camels and boats. These means of transport depend on the region of the world they are needed. During the past week the team: Traveled some 2.000 KM Gave away two new motorcycles Maintained 22 motorcycles Prayed for 15 pastors and leaders Visited four CMA chapters. This interdenominational faith ministry continues to bless not only Paraguay, but many other countries.

CMA, Christian Motorcycle Group back to Paraguay after 3 years

Its always fun to host a CMA group. They represent different ethnic groups, faith groups and locations. In the month of February, we will be traveling through Paraguay to give away two new bikes and also pray for leaders and pastors in four states who have received motorcycles over the past years.  CMA is an organization which reaches the biker world one heart a time. Its a joy to be a part of this organization. Since 2007, CMA has started in Paraguay with a handful of men and women. Today CMA has become a growing force in Paraguay, reaching the lost and bringing together those who are passionate about Jesus and the motorcycle community.  You don't have to divorce your faith from your hobby, as some would argue. 

One Border at a Time. Life Lessons from 70 days on the Pan-American Highway

This will be the title of my book.  Its been 20 years since that crazy journey. I still have my journal with information about the miles, towns, hotels, gas stations, coin exchange value and how much we paid for the trip.  I have been working on a book for a while. I am almost done.  A few weeks to go. It's the story of a trip I took back in 2002 from the USA to Paraguay in an old suburban truck. The book is written to inspire people to venture out into the unknown and chart a new territory.  Every stage in life gives us an opportunity to cross a new border we are crossing. These borders have names (jobs, careers, marriage, kids, faith, letting go, grieving, succeeding, failing, finding our deeper self. We tend to get settled, we lose the edge and the spirit of exploration.  In this book, I share about miracles on the longest highway on the planet, and how this trip would not have been possible without the prayers of our loved ones. It was a journey of faith. We start dying way to

From the cold trenches of Bakhmut to the warm sofa of the White House. A Paradox of Hope born this Christmas.

If you missed the speech, president Zelenski spoke to the US congress this past week. He has become a héroe for many, and I am sure a foe to others. When I saw his speech, only a day  and hours before our Christmas holidays, I was moved, and I have to admit, teary eye. Thus writing this short article became important. The meaning of Christmas, is very conflicting to me during wartimes. The idea of not having electricity in the winter, let alone in a modern 2022 world, is also very primitive and middle age. And here someone is using the winter to cause harm on purpose to innocent civilians.  Zelenski said: We are constantly being attacked by missiles. When we hear the sirens, we get into our basements to save our life's from the Russian strikes. They  are attempting to shut Ukraine down, by destroying our cities and electric power plants. He paused for a moment and added: But there is one thing they will never shut out. That is the light within us, the hope and faith within us. Our

Warsaw Church of God Camp

On July 10th we checked into the Warsaw Church of God campgrounds. The experience was outstanding, refilling  We shared during their mission sessions in the afternoon We spoke to people everytime we had a chance We had the opportunity to share during one of the services The evangelist for this retreat was Rev Mitch  Burg, who challenged believers to getting back to the life in teh spirit and to faith. I specifically liked one of the concept he drilled during one of his sermons. We need to discover our sixt sense, that being ' our faith. Without it we are lost in a world that worships sensorial experiences These campgrounds have a sacred feel. They draw people from all ages and backgrounds. For some it is a spiritual pilgrimage, for others a vacation, for others its a serious game changer. No matter the motivation, Camp Warsaw captures you. It envolved you in a sense and separates you from the noise of the world. Its definitely a ground zero, reset type life experience.  Camp Warsaw

On american soil after three years

Since we last visited our friends in the USA, three years have gone by. First came covid, Covid shut us all down for what seemed forever. Then came a scorching drout which killed crops and even trees in Paraguay and parts of Argentina. With these events our economies faced inflation, and higher gas prices. And for the past few months the war between Russia and Ukraine made the world very uncomfortable. The political situation in the US is also under turmoil. As we have been reconnecting face to face, we all look like survivors from some final armagedon battles. Sitting down without a face mask and enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend is now a big deal. Personally I have come to appreciate these moments. Being alive after covid is a blessing in itself, and a priviledge.  We are currently on our home assigment, also called furlogh. We have been on the road for a few weeks. Driving the US roads is always a treat. I say treat, because as a general rule, people in the US follow signs and