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CMA 7th Rally in Paraguay and First South American

It was the first South American CMA leadership training and rally. Between April 3-7th in San Lorenzo,  outbound a of Asuncion over 200 men and women from CMA gathered.  USA, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. From Paraguay we had 6 chapters represent five states with CMA presence.  The theme for this year was; " Servants of God on the roads"  We had a full house at Rancho Alegre. Some bikers from neighboring countries rode over 1000 miles to be at this year’s event.  Goods spirit was present in the services, kitchen, games, and the moments of informal fellowship.  The training with Holly Ogden (USA) and Cassidy (MX) was another key part of this years event. Both of these committed ladies to CMA share a passion for the Lord and the way this ministry can reach the lost. How to better reach the biker world and live out our calling were themes during this training.  Oscar Klassen and his family are national directors of CMA. They are leading CMA Paraguay with g
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Home in Paraguay

We arrived safely in Paraguay. We were welcomed by our family and friends. Nothing beats sleeping in my own bed and eating stuff that is familiar. 50 days on the road 14 countries/borders crossed 12,000 miles - 20.000 km covered 75 individuals prayed upon  10 churches in 7 visited and preached 7 CMA chapters in 3 countries visited 3 mechanical interventions for the Harley Many interactions/decisions made with my son Many new friends made for life Miracle stories of provision and protection I believe we have enough stories to write a book. My faith has grown and my appreciation for Gods people in Latin America.  

Bikes on a mission

Over the last year we have been flirting with the idea of traveling from the USA to Paraguay by  motorcycle.  Guess what. We are on this epic trip that began 40 days ago with my son Marcos in Orlando FL. After crossing 12 countries and experiencing the extremes of heat, ice, rain, fog, hi winds, mountains we have come to appreciate a warm dinner and a place to lay down our heads.  As of this writing we are in Asia Peru. Yes Asia-not typo. We had some motorcycle problems and are trying to repair before continuing tomorrow.  This trip has three main intentions Connect as father son - family Connect with people in varios churches and ministries  Connect with the Lord and hear a fresh word for this season in ministry.  As we make our way south, we are so thankfull for everyone that has supported and kept us going. Help hasta come their prayers, hospitality,  More updates coming soon.

The Roads that Built America

I love good roads, predictable, smooth with good signs. The USA provides these kind of roads-and other countries do so too.  But in Paraguay, where I have driven most of my life the roads are not predictable, smooth or always marked. Many of the roads, have potholes, with poor signs. You have to negotiate between dogs, pedestrians and lomadas (sleeping police).  Your usual two hour trip in a good road, turns into three, maybe four. You arrive at your destination after fixing a flat tire, with your blood pressure up in the 200's and tired. I am exaggerating a bit, but there is a drop of truth in these statements.   So as we drove some 400 miles today, with only a few times having to slow down while picking up an interstate or get off an exit, I had a lot of time to think, pray and just hold talk to my wife who sat by my side pointing out snowy mountains, landscapes and some unique animals along the way. It was a fun day as we traveled. One book came to my mind. The Roads that Build

Let it go. Dejalo ir

Let it go. Dejalo ir. That's how pastor Steve Wimmer began and ended his sermon. Too often we have too much, want to much and therefore struggle much with things. Not only things, but we have bags of emotions (unresolved pains, grudges, disappointments) we hold and carry into a new year.  Let it go, dejalo ir, where the words he used over and over to make a very important point that we need to hear these days. The amount of storage space we use in our home and in places we rent to keep stuff is impressive.  You have probably seen the self storage units that are popping out everywhere. Perhaps, yours and my garage has things we have not touched in years. No wonder we are tired, emotionally depleted and financially pushing the limits of our wallets, when we keep getting stuff we don't need. Pastor Steve shared how they got into the habit of every year going thru their storage, with his wife and decide to get rid of at least one thing-a gradual purging you might say. You and I mi

January 1, 2024 - Thanks-Giving

I love new beginnings. I love new things. There is a buzz-an emotion that comes when you get something new or start of a new venture.  On Sunday Dec 31st, while visiting the Altar Church of God in Tampa, FL we were challenged to enter into the new year with thanksgiving. Its the password and the attitude God so much enjoys hearing from you and me.  But before getting myself ahead and move into 2024 I want to take a few moments, to look back and say Thank You. My amazing family : I have an been blessed with a family that God has gifted me. They each have their personalities and are on different stages in their relationship with the Lord and each other. Family is the small community that God gives us to work on our pride, greed, patience and selflessness. There are moments that I need some space - I have to admit - to catch up emotionally, but I having Nancy, Marcos, Nicole, Anahi and Dominick in my life is the best gift. They have thought me so much about God and unconditional love. Opp

#537 Nicole and Carlos are married

I have been somewhat emotional these days. Nicole is the first of our four kids getting married. Not hearing the door slam, or her harp playing in the house is harder than I had anticipated.  She is self determined, and a woman that will do anything she puts her mind to - I know that.  But she is still my girl, my daughter whom I have seen grow and become a woman of God.  I did get to walk her down the aisle lead the ceremony between tears, smiles and sniffles. So many emotions invaded my heart that evening. I think all that emotional high and low is catching up with me.  Carlos is a wonderful young man. I love Carlos.  He has walked the talk. He has a very good heart, loves the Lord, and is working hard in providing for Nicole.  After the first week away, they came to our home and did not wanted to leave. We talked, ate, played games, talked and ate some more. We did not wanted them to go away. I think we are all going thru relational withdraw I shared in my homily about Agape LOVE.